Monday, March 14, 2011


Ok,  I started a new workout program a few weeks ago. Me and Emily had been doing Pilates for several months. 3 times a week. It is great. Makes you more limber and did give some results. It was pretty much zero cardio though, so not much calorie burning.  We had been thinking of doing P90X which is a really high energy cardio and strength training program. Then we saw Insanity.   That is the perfect name for it. because it is CRAZY! It is hard core cardio with TONS of leg work, well pretty much constant leg work, and lots of  plank exercises and pushups. It's supposedly the hardest workout program out there. I believe it!  So why we decided to do it I don't know. We love pain i guess????  Emily's brother n law had it, so he sent us a copy.  ( if you buy the real deal it's like $120 ) So we started about a month ago. It's a 2 month program. you do the first 4 weeks, then there's a 'recovery week ' , which I have looked ahead at the workout we'll be doing that week and it doesn't look like recovery to me! Then there's the last 4 weeks which is stepped up a notch and a little longer and harder workouts.  The workouts we've been doing are around 40 minutes.  I can really tell I have improved in my endurance.  The first week I had to stop a Whole bunch to catch my breath, then the second a little less and this past week I've been able to hang in there with the big boys on the video pretty good.  I started seeing a difference in my abs by the end of week 2. This week I can see that my arms/shoulders are changing.  My legs have way more definition. So it's working. Tomorrow we start week # 4.  Then after that we'll be on the downward slope!  We've been taking pictures along the way, so MAYBE I will post them at the end if the results are good enough. HAHAH!


Heather said...

I wish I was that motivated! You go, girl!

Heather said...

Well, it's easy to make yourself do it when you can tell yourself it only lasts for 2 months. haha. And I'm a believer in making yourself do something for 2 weeks, then it becomes an easy habit.