Friday, March 25, 2011

Camper is home

WE finally moved our camper to it's spot back in the meadow.  We got power out there Tuesday. YAY!  OF course they had to cut down a couple of big trees and now our privacy is kind of messed up, but those bushes and stuff should fill it back in during the summer. For right now you can see all the way out to the road. ( I hate the road.) Now we can set it up, tie it down, and build our porch and laundry room.  The hard part now will be getting water and septic. I went to the Health Dept and picked up the paper work you have to do before the water dept can hook you up to water ( which is $500 ). It is RIDICULOUS what kind of hoops they want you to jump through now.  On top of all the stuff you need before you ever get to the point of putting in septic, once you get your "recommendation" for what kind of septic, your septic installer has to call the environmentalist 2 days before the job to verify that he is installing the " recommended " system! AND  you and the installer have to sign an affidavit and a maintenance plan and give to the Health dept before you are ' approved ' . WHAT???!! So.............we are going to dig a well. LOL!

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