Saturday, March 12, 2011

Petey is visiting

Well, it's a sunny, it's warm, and it's SATURDAY!!!!  Lee is gone to clean the hangers, mom is gone to Oklahoma now, and Emily and Gary and Dave and Emily are all in Indiana. So.......... I'm bored! I just finished cleaning the bathroom and putting up a new shower curtain liner. That wasn't very exciting.  I could spend some time cleaning the bedroom, kitchen, or whatever. I sure don't want this pretty day to go by and not be outside!  I think I'll wash the car when it gets up to 70. I cleaned up the inside real nice yesterday.
  Emily and Gary's dog, Petey is staying with me while they are gone. He is a miniature pincher and so funny! He isn't scared of my big dogs at all. He loves to jump all over them and get them wound up to chase him around in big circles in the yard. He can run!  My dogs can't catch him because he can cut so fast and it's very entertaining to watch the action. He also likes to aggravate the cats when they're outside too. They chase him and he loves it.  The first evening he was here, I put him in his big cage to go to bed, and evidently his pillows and blankie must have been disturbed on the ride to my house because he had to get it all laying just right. he'd take his paw and pull the blanket to the side, and then use his nose to spread it out flat. Then he'd move to the other side and tug it out and use his nose to fix it. Yesterday I gave him a treat and he " buried " it in his cage. He laid it in the crack between his pillows and paw it open to let it fall in there. Then he used his nose to poke it way down to the bottom. So funny!!!! Anyway, Petey is my entertainment today I guess.
Time to wash the car.

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