Monday, January 3, 2011

Still doing the head cold thing. This is the weirdest cold I've ever had. Usually when you get one, you just feel miserable. Your whole body is just sick feeling and you don't want to do anything. My whole body is fine. It's just my throat is sore, mostly in the mornings, and my head stops and unstops. No dripping nose really, but can't breathe. Just weird feeling. And I still fill like getting up and doing stuff, but I just don't have energy. I'd rather feel like crap and lay around than feel like accomplishing something, but still laying around. Anyway.... I'm just tired of this blah sinus crud. At the moment I can breathe but my sinuses are hurting. Sheesh.......
  So after staying in bed until 10 today we got up and got out of the house. We were nosing around in the shopper looking at prices on land and houses around here. Not that we're in the market for one, just keeping up with what's out there. So we looked up a few on google maps and went on some adventures today just going to see what kind of shape these cheapo houses are in. For the most part we have found we are still better off building a small house on our own compared to what the same money buys around here. Some of it is a joke. when you can do almost every bit of the work yourself, you're just better off with what you get for the money. And we'd probably do everything but finish the concrete( if we did a foundation ) and maybe finish the drywall.
 In the meantime we're just treading water here in the big house. I wish I was paying for something other than space for 30 days at a time. I sure hope I'm not here for the next winter. Or if I am, there's a better heating situation. These space heaters are expensive! WE just had the highest electric bill we have ever had in married life. And its the highest by alot! 've been turning off every light and leaving all the rooms cold all day since we got that bill! The next one better be smaller! I WAs thinking of getting an electric blanket, but I think not now. My kitty will just have to keep me warm.

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Heather said...

Sorry you are sick! Maybe you will fight it off soon!