Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Itty Bitty home

Oops...I did it again. I'm such a neglectful blogger! So what's new since last time? NOTHING! Ha Ha. Well, we are making progress on our whole simplify and stay debt free plan.  We will hopefully be actually living back in the meadow soon ( where we hope one day to build a little house with cash ).  More simplifying is in store. We realized how much money we would throw away renting and it's just crazy! Plus this house is 2 and 3 times as much in utility bills. So we've been shopping around and weighing our options and prices and what we actually need. We decided on the Fema trailers. They are very affordable. They are livable, have a real fridge, ( those camper size ones are a joke ) Have a bed, couch, and table and the toilets are not the dinky camper type, but a real toilet. LOL. Lee hates camper toilets. So it'll be small, but in reality is covers our needs. Actually it's not as cramped as I had imagined. I was picturing having to turn sideways just about to walk through the kitchen, but it's not that bad. Probably won't be having much company in there though. What will save me will be the porch. It will be my outdoor living room. :o) We're just going to put a porch all the way across the front to get out on in the summer.  We plan on building a little utility room/closet at the end of the porch for my washer and dryer and we'd like to put a real water heater in it because camper ones are so small. I hope to be able to have maybe a lttle storage room in there too maybe for shoes or clothes or something. That's going to be the tricky thing is Storage! That goes back to getting rid of junk we don't use. The trailers have a bunk area in the back that I plan turning into a big closet area. We'll get it figured out. It'll be fun at first. Then we'll get tired of it , but oh well, more incentive to save save save!   I have come to the realization that possessions really weigh you down, so I'm thinking it will be a good feeling downsizing. Just hard to choose what is REALLY needed.
  We may actually go get one tomorrow. So maybe I'll have some pictues on here of our future home sweet home. soon.

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