Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trying to get a cold, but putting up a fight!

Can't exactly fall asleep yet, so I thought maybe some blogging would maybe make me sleepy. I may go ahead and take some nyquil. I'm trying to fight off this cold stuff that everyone but me has had! My throat is sore on and off and one side of my nose is trying to stop up. Oh yeah, my ears are popping..... I'm hoping this is as far as it goes.  Lee is off having some man time. haha. Supposedly hunting. I think he won't shoot at anything. He likes animals too much. I guess you can hunt all day, but not shoot. There's a hunter, and there's a killer.  And then those who hunt and kill. Anyway, he's off at Mike's house with Brett. Probably playing poker or something. SO I have solitude. I can sleep in the middle of the bed! Pretend like it's a king size.
 We had a big dinner at mom's tonight. Paul and Jennie are down and Kali's parents are down from Canada, so there was a house full. I made sweet potato casserole. I had nothing left over to bring home. We had Ham, Chicken and Dumplings, corn, beans, rolls, cornbread, steamed veggies, mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken dressing, and lasagna all spread out everwhere! And Jennie made 2 cheesecakes that were heavenly and some brownies. So I don't even want to know how many calories I consumed. The sad part is I'm hungry now! I guess it has been a few hours. I really wish I had some of that sweet potato casserole! I'll have to make another one. Lee needs some....yeah.
 I'm ready for winter to be done now. Ready for swim suits and swimming and the beach and the boat! I keep forgetting about the boat. Victoria's secret has a good sale on swimsuits this week, so I have  some I am ordering. give me something to stay on track during these winter months of big sweatshirts. Monday I bought some little dresses for the beach or lake. Little strapless knee length ones. So comfy and easy to throw over your swimsuit! I can't wait to use them! And 2 were 5 bucks and one was 7. Can't beat that! I also bought a sweater dress. I never imagined I'd like one, but it doesn't cling like I thought. and it's comfy. I'm stepping out of my box I guess. Ok, sleepy time.

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