Monday, December 13, 2010


Man it is COLD outside. Had our first glimpse of snow for the winter today. It spit and spattered all day, but nothing turned white. SO frustrating! It's 29 degrees out now and supposed to get down around 15. We've been steady feeding the little stove all day. It can barely  keep up with this weather. No central heat in this house. Just this little wood stove and a space heater in the bathroom and space heater in the bedroom. Actually last night we had 2 heaters going in our bedroom it was so cold. It is as far away from the wood heater you can get in this house. This weather puts me in a baking/ soup making mood. Yesterday I made beef stew, which was yummy, and some banana bread. I could hurt myself with a loaf of that. Maybe the cold makes me want to cook because cooking is warm.  We watched the Julia and Julia movie the other night. So cute! That too made me feel like making a bunch of complex recipes. I recommend that movie to everyone. Be ready to have the munchies though. Not for popcorn or nachos, but for roasted duck, or beef burgundy.
 I've rearranged my living room. I did have my couches in a u shape with the back to the other end of the room with the wood stove. It seemed like it was blocking of the warmth from coming over into the living area, so I moved the couch around so the room is all opened up. I had to hang curtains to help with the cool air blowing around the windows. I bought bright red. This room has tons of windows. I had to dish out about 60 bucks just for the living room. I'll do the kitchen later. I think I'll probably make some. I'm planning on repainting the kitchen. The walls and the cabinets are almost the same beige/ivory-ish color. It's too blah. I've wanted to do a room with an orange shade for years, but never have had the nerve to try it. That is a really hard color to get right. I have had several swatches taped to the wall for a week or so. I think I know which one I'll try. I may do that this week. I hate walmart paint. I haven't used it in a good while. It is not good to use if there's a chance you may need to go back and buy more. They never mix it the same as the first one. I think this time I will get it at walmart though because The kitchen is such a small area to paint. 1 Gallon would probably paint it 3 times. Then it will definitely be time to make some curtains. The blue and white ones will really clash with orange. I think I want to find some material that has some yellows, orange and definitely red to tie in with my living room curtains. Then I'll have my stamp on this house. :)


Heather said...

Oooh, sorry you guys don't have more heat!! Guess you'll have to cuddle! ;) I love Julie & Julia too. Can't wait to see your orange living room!

Heather said...

Well, I don't like the shade of orange I have, I'll probably be trying again. Lee loves it though. Not as burnt looking as I wanted. Its REALLY bright. Think skittle!