Thursday, December 23, 2010

Liking the kitchen

Well, got up and took a shower, walked through the I'm snuggled back under the covers. Just too chilli in this house! I'm such a bum. After my hair dries out a little I'll go finish it with the blow dryer. Nothing worth sitting and watching on tv. Really. There is nothing on during the day or most nights I want to see. I just catch the local news and that's about it. I don't even want to watch the national news anymore. It's all about politics. Nothing that I should be concerned with. We're surrounded by worldy ideas. If you're not being desensitized by some immoral junk on tv or having nationalistic views shoved down your throat, you're being bombarded with commercials telling you that you need a new car or a new credit card. Hey, use our card and charge everything and it's all good because we'll give you 1% cash back! Debt won't hurt you! Live big, you deserve it. Ha, yeah right. So instead of sucking my brain out watching tv....I just usually go visit some place I've never been to This week I've checked out Italy ( which is my dream vacation destination ) , newport Rhode Island, Charleston, SC, and Fairbanks , AK. Would love to visit all of those. I feel like a world traveler even though I'm not. This is the way I can afford to go places. :o)
 Then there's my 'Italian' orange kitchen. I'm getting more used to it. I think I'll keep it like it is. When I look at Pictures from Italy, my colors are all over. They even paint their houses this bright orange. So it fits after all. I just live in the wrong part of the world for others to appreciate it. haha. Most people will probably come in and be like "WOW' what is she thinking with this orange?" Oh well, you gotta live. If it's bright and cheery and puts me in a good mood...takes me to Italy..haha. Then I say why get rid of it? I've got more plans for decorating ' italy' in there that will be cute if I get it done. I think we get too concerned with decorating according to other people's taste's and what's the trend.  Maybe when I get back out of this warm bed, I'll take a picture of my orange kitchen and attach it to this post.
 I guess I should get out of this bed or my hair is going to dry really crazy.....


Heather said...

I want to see your orange kitchen! I know what you mean about TV...and yet...I watch WAY too much. :op I need to take a break from it and do something productive in the evenings.

Rachel said...

I think all they try to do on tv is sell you the bigger, better thing. It is so annoying. That much debt is just way to stressful to me.