Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I've had a couple fun weekends since I got back from Gatlinburg.  2 weeks ago we went to the Ole Miss vs. LA Lafayette game. I found a site where you could get cheap tickets. I got end zone tickets for 10 bucks including the shipping. There were 9 of us. Us and mom, dad, and Emily. Gary ended up staying home sick. And Brett, Lila, Mike, and Selena came too. Brett's brother and his family was there too, and Lee's sister and husband were there somewhere. We never did see them.  We half froze, but it was fun. We all had long johns on and were still cold.  Lee and I drank two large cups of hot chocolate. Man, I would have paid 10 bucks for them too. After it was over we went to casa mexicana ( the best mexican place ). I stuffed myself with my usual, the Super Burrito. Hahaha. I've never ordered anything else there because I just LOVE that thing! We got home super late, but it was the night the time changed, so we got an extra hour of sleep the next morning. :o)
  This past saturday, I went to Carla's victorian tea party. All the sister's in the hall dressed up in hat's and dresses. I even ordered a wig that was curly hair put up on top of my head with little ringlets. It was a dark brown/red. I kind of liked the color.  We had several different flavored teas to choose from. We were served soups, and light sandwhiches. There were tea cakes and cake. It was really fun. We played some games. I actually won two! I never win anything!
 Oh, we also found a boat for the summer. Last summer we ( us and Gary and Em ) decided one of us needed to buy a boat for smith lake. We could pay for one fast in the money we spend going over and renting one for 300 a day. You could buy your own after a few times renting. Our neighbor had one for sale just pretty much the exact model we thought we'd like to have. So we going in halves on it. We've got half of it paid for.... So that will be fun for next summer.  I figure we'll spend lots of time at the lake. It's really not that far away. You can be over there in 2 hours easy.
  Anyway, that's what's been happening around here.

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Heather said...

The tea party looks fun and congrats on the boat!!