Thursday, November 4, 2010


Ok , FINALLY!!!! I couldn't sign in to my blog forever! I couldn't remember my username and stuff and my email is changed and it was sending my stuff to the old one so I couldn't see it. I finally got lucky and tried the right combination this time! hehehe.
  I'm sitting here drinking some Hardcore. It's a hard cider kind of like a hornsby's or a wood chuck, but it's a little more beer tasting. Just in some like to try new things. It's pretty good. Fergie is trying her best to be in my business. She kept trying to get ON the laptop, but finally she just fell asleep across my left arm/wrist. That makes typing slightly difficult. :o) Oh, well she's so darn cute. She's so happy we're home. We went to Gatlinburg over the weekend and she had to be all by herself. I expected to find the house in a mess, blinds demolished, garbage all over the place. Toilet paper shreds, etc. But she behaved.
 Gatlinburg was nice we stayed in an area I haven't stayed in before. we stayed a few miles north up 321. The cabin was nice and cozy...we had a hot tub and pool table. View of  LeConte. Saturday we loaded up all our bikes and headed to Cade's cove. Cade's cove Loop is 11 miles around. And we rode the bikes he whole way. We had one person following in the truck to pick up ones who pooped out. Dad and Lee were the only 2 who actually rode the whole 11 miles around. I started off in the truck, but took over Danielle's bike after about 2 miles. She was DONE! So I got in about 9 miles I guess.  We got home around sunset. The house smelled good because we left chicken and veggies roasting in the oven all day. :o) So we stuffed ourselves, then started mixing drinks. Of course the hot tub got loaded down soothing all those bike seat tushies. :o)  Saturday, we got up early and made a pancake breakfast, then headed to the chimney tops trail. It's a moderate hike up a mountain. 2 miles one way. When you get to the very top you have to do some real rock climbing to get to the tippy top. about 30 feet up or something maybe. Some decided they couldn't do Me and Lee, Gary and Emily, Dad, Phil and Dave all made it to the top top. We ate chips, pb crackers, and bananas on the top. The 2 miles going down are so much quicker!  When we got back to the car we decided to drive on over to clingman's dome since it's the tallest point. It was another hike I think it was a mile round trip. So that's 5 miles that day. After that we headed to Pigeon Forge to eat a Five Guys Burgers and Fries. The BEST burger place! It's kind of become our tradition to eat at the one in Panama city so we were excited to find out that they put one in Pigeon Forge. Normally I can't finshe my burger, but after all that hiking I ate ALL of it!  We hit the Smokey Mountain Knife Shop, another regular stop, then headed back to gatlinburg. After a quick stop at home to freshen up, we headed down town because we HAD to get some Caramel Apples. Yum. I got one with caramel and chocolate. :o) It was halloween so there were zombies, snookies, and vampires everywhere. The funnies thing the whole trip was when we all loaded back up in gary's dodge, and drove down the strip on last time before going home. We saw a Ginger Bread man walking down the sidewalk and Lee rolles down the window and in the deepest monster like voice ever goes...Mmmmmmmmmmm Yummy Yum Yum! And scared the dude! LOL ! IT doesn't sound that funny now, but in the moment it was hilarious!!!!!   Back at the house, we had one last soak in the hot tub. Gary invented a mixed drink we like to call......... ' the gary '  So much imagination went into that. :o) SO that's the weekend in a nutshell. Fun times~


Heather said...

Sounds fun!! I am jealous we didn't get to go to the mountains this fall and see all the pretty colors...we try to go every year! I'm interested to hear more about that cider, by the way. You'll have to let me know where you got it!

Heather said...

I bought it at the food city grocery store in gatlinburg. I haven't looked for it around here yet. Hardcore is actually a company of samuel adam's.