Thursday, August 26, 2010

Workout and campout.

Kind of feeling blah and don't want to do anything requiring energy, so I figured it was a good time to give the blog some attention.  I've been loving the new front load set.  I wish I would have splurged on one a long time ago! I don't think I could ever go back to having a washer with an agitator in it.  The night I got my set, we noticed some little dents in it where the wheelie truck thing pushed up against the front of the washer and the dryer, so we called home depot, and they arranged for the delivery company to bring us a new set since they're the ones that dented them. They are supposed to be here any minuted now. They called about an hour and  a half ago saying they thought they'd be here in an hour or so.
  We've also started a regular workout routine. We go to Gary and Emily's mon, wed, fri. Dave and Emily are doing it too. We took our weight bench over there and Gary and emily have  a total gym. Plus he's mowed out a track around his field. Wednesday is game night also. So after we workout we play something. We all bring finger food. So far we've stuck with it. We've gone 4 times hahaha.  Us girls ( Macy too sometimes ) Work out in the livingroom. We have a kettle ball workout we're going to do twice a week, then a pilates workout once a week. We'll see how long this lasts.LOL. Plus I usually walk or ride my bike over here on the days we don't workout. Maybe I'll get something toned.
  We've been working on the meadow a little bit. Lee mowed it the other day and we've done some trimming around the driveway to see how wide it actually is. We wonder about getting a mobile home in there. The nights are finally getting cool. Perfect camping temp. We decided we need to camp out in the meadow. So friday we are going to build a fire and a few of us are going to camp out. We aren't messing with camp food though. I think we're all going to order our own domino's pizzas. hhahaha. Hey, it's cheap and easy!  It can be a celebration for Emily. Today is her last day at kohl's. She can celebrate her freedom. hahha.
 Soon I won't be mooching off of dad's internet. I'm going to get my own dsl. I ordered a dsl modem and wireless router yesterday. It should be in next week. After that, I'll get my dsl turned on. I want to be able to watch my netflix movies online. I think I've found what device I want to use. I found an LG bluray player that will alow me to wirelessly link to my netflix. :o) I can't wait!  
  My washer is here. Gotta go!

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Heather said...

Your workout/game night sounds fun! So does camping. You guys should go with us when we go!! :)