Saturday, August 14, 2010

Been moving

It's been a while since my last post, but we've been moving seems like forever. I still haven't had some dsl turned on here. I can get dads wifi if I stand in my kitchen window.:o) So that's how I'm able to get on here now. We're in the big house now. For non-Hodges people, the big house is a house that is on the front of the Hodges farm where we are going to live on a small piece of land. Phil and Melissa have lived here, then mom and dad while they built their house, then Gary and emily did, then it was empty for a year, for sale, now we are renting it until we find something to put back in the meadow ( our little piece of land ). The term "The big house " seems like a joke to me now. I had the BIG house evidently. It's hard to squeeze 4 bedrooms into 3, 2 baths into one, a kitchen with 8 drawers into a kitchen with 4..... Everything out of Lee's sheds and barn is stashed on the front porch for now. Looks like we're having a yard sale. As soon as we get settled down we will have to get lee some sort of shed back in the meadow for all his uhhhhhhhhh precious belongings. :o)
  The dogs adjusted well. Don't seem to miss the old place at all. They still have plenty of roaming room to go for a walk in the evening with Lee. I walked with mom and Melissa up and down the driveway for SEVERAL laps the other evening and the dogs stayed with us every step. I thought they'd get bored, but they walked up and down as many times as we did. I think Sadie has been missing all the outside barn cats she had to play with. She was always licking them and biting their fleas, or they would sleep on her. The neighbor wanted the cats, so we left them. It would have been pretty hard to catch them anyway. The catlessness lasted a couple of weeks. We just adopted a kitten that showed up at granny's out of nowhere a few weeks ago. An Itty Bitty kitty! We don't know how it survived without a mommy. She's a tough one I guess. Anyway she migrated over to mom's and has been living outside over there. She is still so little. She's black and white long haired. She has big round green/yellow eyes. Lee had been calling her Furby from the beginning. She does resemble one. LOL. Anyway, she moved to my house yesterday. I went to Walmart and got here a nive big litter box with a swinging door, and her food and water feeders, food, and some good smelling flea and tick shampoo. I gave her a bath before I brought her home. IT was so cute. She did really good. I just filled a bucket with warm water and started petting her with wet hands ( outside ). She just thinks it's a nice lick bath. HAHA. But after I slowly got her drenched. I lathered her up. Then I poured the warm water over here to rinse her off. She started to protest a little at the very beginning, but soon decided it felt pretty good and she just stood there getting her rinse. HAHAHA. Looking like a newborn bat. I wrapped her in her towel and she just set there enjoying her spa moment. :o)  She smells like a fruity drink now. :o)
  At first when I brought her home, she ran around hiding in corners, but by last night she was ruling the house. She likes to watch movies. We piled up on the couch and it didn't take her long to appear over Lee's head. After crawling all over us for half the movie, she stretched out on us and watched the tv. So funny.
 The name - Lee insists that she is Furby. I don't like it. It's not a girly name. I think she should be prisilla or something, And I would probably call her priss. Lee is firm with calling her furby though. So I may just call her Fergie. HAHA. She won't know the difference. Fergie is better then Furby. Furby is cute for a kitten, but not an old cat.  I think she needs a collar or something that says ' fergalicious. HAHAHA! Fergie Ferg!
\ Anyways, that's the most exciting thing around here. Well, I did ordered a new washer and dryer the other day. Yay! Front loader with the steam :) I'm getting the stainless colored one. I think it's called graphite. I cna't wait to use it. Really what I am most looking forward washing bras! LOL. No agitator to get all wrapped around! YAY!!!!!
 Ok, the man has woke up........time for breakfast.


Miso said...

I love your pictures, and your new haircut - cute. I can't find a style I like.

Heather said...

Glad you guys are getting settled and have adopted a new baby. We want to see pictures!