Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Homeless!!!! Yay!

Ok, so after months and months of dealing with idiot bank people and lawyers, we finally signed closing papers on our old house today. SO I guess we are finally officially no longer homeowners. It's Great!   The way things have gone the check won't clear or something. haha. Now we will be able to breathe again! Pay off the car! And a couple other debts and we'll be footloose and fancy free!!!! ( whatever that means ).  The fancy free part will be true. Keepin it simple is the plan.  The whole way this has ended up is way more boring than I invisioned.  In my head, we would go out and celebrate, have a nice dinner. Or throw a party! Nope. WE went to the mexican place in town after we signed, then came home and watched a movie. Wow! Soooooo not a party.  I guess it has been such a long, drawn out, stress causing fiasco and I just want to wash my hands of it.  I've learned not to do anyone any favors.  People don't appreciate a thing. We bent over backwards for those people and they just took advantage. I'm glad to have no more dealings with the situation.
  In other news........... we have a stray cat that seems to think it lives here now. We were in the yard today and I was hearing a cat meowing and meowing. I assumed it was just Fergie  until I was looking at Fergie, who was laying there with her mouth closed, when I heard the meow. So then we're walking all around trying to figure out WHERE this cat is! Finally Dad spotted it WAY WAY WAY up in an oak in the front yard. I mean WAY up there! It's looking at us and meowing non stop. We called it , but it didn't come down. It was just crying. WE thought maybe it would come down later on it's own when the dogs weren't hanging around the bottom. No. This afternoon it was still up there meowing.  It made it's way down about 15 feet, but was stuck again.  Lee decided to get the ladder out and see if he could get to it. IT was too high still, so Lee decided maybe he could lure it down with some food. So we go get a long hot dog stick rig and put some sausage on the end. He sticks the end of the stick up there ( the stick is about 4 feet long ) and sure enough the kitty gets the sausage off of it. Not too many minutes later, it figures out how to get down closer to Lee. So Lee climbed off the limb and back down onto the ladder, which is extended all the way as high as it goes.  We're trying to get it to come on down with more sausage when some boys who were walking down the road come to help.  finally between them and Lee and a mop and a net.....LOL.....the kitty made it down.  Since then it has been sitting under lee's truck. It comes out to see us when we go outside, then when we come in it goes back to it's perch on Lee's tire.  Soooooo I don't know what we're going to do about it. Not sure if it's boy or girl. It's awful small to be a boy. Petite I guess is a better word.  I have some pictures of Lee climbing the tree with his crazy safari hat and everything. I'll try to get them on here tomorrow maybe.

Time for bed!


Heather said...

Congrats on selling your house!! I know you are glad to have that over and behind you. I can't wait to see pics of Lee up in the tree with his safari hat on! LOL

Jim said...

Lee spotted the cat first....it took us a while to find it....I never was any good at squirrel hunting either....