Saturday, June 19, 2010


ARg!  I've been in bed trying to go to sleep for the last couple of hours. I have finally given up. I don't know if it's the tea or I'm just wired after the day's events. I went ahead and put our house up for sale on craigslist thursday afternoon.  We thought we'd go ahead and get it out there, and in the meantime, keep cleaning up and paint the eaves of the house and trim...etc. WELL......I had my first call within 2 hours tops.....and today I think we had 4 or so.  Some people came to look at it today, and are very leaving in a hurry to get the loan process going before someone else tries to buy the house. She was wanting to find somewhere that would be open on saturday.  Then they call back a couple hours later wanting to go ahead and sign a contract and put up earnest money and want us to talk to our mortgage company about them just assuming our loan through them and paying us the difference in cash.  YIKES!  I thought maybe it'd take us a few months to get something going......wrong! That's ok with me. I'm ready to be debt free. I'm just not looking forward to all this legal mumbo jumbo and contract paperwork.......bluh. SO I guess we'll be going to see a lawyer monday.  This the part that is nice about using a don't have to do all this legal footwork and stuff. But oh well, I'd rather keep that money in my pocket.  So now I'm wide awake thinking of all the things that could go I just need to think positive and picture myself debt free by the end of the month.

 I wish I had some wine....

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Heather said...

I still can't believe you guys had a call so fast!! It's awesome though...might as well get it over with if you are going to do it! :)