Friday, June 25, 2010

Mmmmmmmmm coffeeeeee

I'm moving like a turtle this morning.  I don't know where Lee is. He's gone somewhere in my car. I assume he's at the lawyer's office.  We're picking up the contract she's been working on ALL week today. Geez it shouldn't take that long. We went up there once, and had her change some wording. That should have taken like 10 minutes, but that was wednesday.  The people who are wanting to buy are picking it up and looking it over ( He's only home on weekends ) Then if it looks ok to them, we'll sign monday and we'll ' officially be under contract.  But it's all good..... we have another couple in line if these fall through. I think something major will have to happen for these to fall through though. But you never know.  Our mortgage company is supposed to be sending an assumability letter out to us. They said it could take 1 to 2 weeks. So we can't even know if it is doable until we get that written letter. Phoooooooo! Monday will be one week.

 Meanwhile we've been looking ahead to what we are going to build. I THOUGHT it was decided.  But now Lee is leaning more towards just building a house first and letting his garage come later.  I'm like ooooooook. The hard part is keeping it SIMPLE. We've always said we'd just build a small apartment-like home.  Well, he's found a house he really really likes. And it  IS cute I have to say. It's exactly 1000 square feet, which falls into our range ( 1000 or under ).  Our bed and bath is upstairs.  I really really like the little house, but I know we could go even more simple. We could survive with one bath and one bed. Even though one bath is so hard on sunday morning! LOL!  I feel like it would be way more simple and easy to have a one story and I'm wondering if it would cost less to have a bigger slab for a one story, or buying all the big floor joists and subflooring for an upstairs. AND we would have to maintain the siding way up there. And there's alot of money that goes into just building stairs too. So I wish I could have a comparison of 2 story and one story in the price difference. I'm just trying to have that simple eyesight. Couldn't we build a little one bed, one bath for now that's like 700 square feet. Get that built and paid for. Then later if we have the opportunity, add on a master bath.  That's what I keep going back to. Build SUPER small and have no payments!  I'm looking forward to the convention to help both of us burn that motivation into us. I hear we will hear all about having a simple life.
   I know this is boring but it is my ' random thoughts' for the morning

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