Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Woo hoo! We are finally under contract! Now she'll give us a call when she settles on the bank she'll use. She couldn't get much going without a contract in hand. She said everyone she's talked with so far told her that it would take them 3-4 weeks from start to finish once they got the contract. So Hopefully in a month or so we'll be moving out!  She told us yesterday what they were buying the house for exactly. Her dad is almost 65 and he lost his job. So they've ended up having to move in with the daughter. I guess they have a place in Texas that they're trying to sell. They're in a tight situation and feel bad living with the daughter and she feels bad for them. So she's buying this house and basically giving it to them to live in. Awwww. It works out for everyone because they needed more land for their horses and wanted somewhere to hunt and her parents needed a place to stay, so my place was a perfect fit. She said they are going to remodel some before they put her parents in.  I want to come back and see it finished. I'm glad they are going to take care of it and an older couple will be here. I wanted someone to buy it that would not let it go downhill or tear it up. The grandpa is a ' handyman' so maybe he'll take good care of it. I like my old house. :o) I hope grandma takes good care of all the plants I've put around here over the years.
 Now we get to start over in the big house.  If I live there long, I'll have it all spiffed up. I won't be able to leave stuff unpainted. I hate wood panelling!  And I also have a gallon and a half of the paint that's on the exterior of my house. I told mom we should slap that on the front of the big house and paint the trim white.  See what it looks like. And PAINT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!! AT least the front of the house would look good. :o)  I guess I'm heading over there as soon as I get dressed. There's a ton of cleaning to do. I've already done a little. It's so hot. Today is cloudy so maybe it won't be to bad in there.

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Rachel said...

That is so sweet she is doing that for her parents! Looks like you have your work cut out for you! I hate wood panelling too that would have to go!