Wednesday, June 16, 2010

end of day ramble

I'm trying to wind down.  Lee went to sleep at 7:30 or 8. I knew he was quiet somewhere for a while.  I just knew he would come in there when he started smelling the carrot cake baking, but he never did! Maybe I should go make sure he is breathing........  He got up early this morning and went to Pontotoc to help his brother get some big field cut for hay.  I was outside in the hot sun thinking, He better have a jug of water. I could just picture him getting so hot he passes out and falls off the tractor and there's the bush hog. Like the movie ' the man in the moon ' except he was killed by a disk. Ughhhh.  Anyway, I called him and he said he was in an air conditioned tractor. Pshhhh. wimp. LOL!  He did find a new way to kill a turkey - run over it with a bush hog.  I was like " WHAT!?" What kind of turkey lays there and gets ran over by a bush hog?????  Eric thought maybe it was laying on some eggs. So our dogs and cats had Turkey dinner tongiht.  WE ate squash casserole and green beans from our garden.:o)  They taste so much better when you have been watching them grow, and weeding, and watering, keeping the bugs off. Staring at them, staring at them 5 hours later to see if they are any longer than the last time you stared at them.....hahaha. I've heard the saying a watched pot never boils. Well a watched green bean never grows!  My purple hull peas are doing good. They have actually gone crazy..... growing out of the sides of the bed and traveling across the grass now. Headed for the woods. Serious vining going on here. And lots of pods. One had finally turned purple yesterday, and two more today. See, I WATCH my garden. Who else can tell you the exact count of how many of their purple hulls have turned purple today? I will definitely be planting those again next year. And lots more. I need a huge garden. I want enough to eat on and put some away. So I'll have to plant WAY more green beans next year. So far I have had 2 messes from mine. I only planted 6 plants though. I've had fried green tomatoes a few times. :o) I don't think I could plant enought tomato plants to have more than I'll eat. I have 10 and I'm staring them down waiting on the next one to get ripe. It's hard for them to get to that stage around here. I end up frying them up green.  Speaking of frying up. I have learned I LOVE fried eggplant!!!!!! holy moly! Good stuff! I'm drooling now. 

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Heather said...

I loved that movie but was always disturbed by the tractor scene. And we had the same experience with a bush hog when I was a kid except it was a guinea on her nest. So sad!! :( OH...our garden is growing right a long. We had the first cucumbers off my single, solitary plant yesterday. I need to update my gardening blog!