Monday, June 14, 2010


What a HOT, HUMID weekend! I think the heat advisory is supposed to be lifted after 10 pm tonight.  I'm FROM here and it's almost unbearable!  Literaly like a sauna!  It's the craziest feeling.  I went out to water the garden and within 2 or 3 minutes my legs and arms were dewey.  Yesterday after the meeting we went out in service for a couple of hours with Mike, Selena, and Brett.  We had some driving, but then we came to an apartment complex. PHEW! Not the weather for getting out and walking! I HAVE to buy Lee a couple of short sleeved dress shirts IT's just toooooo hot.
  Did more cleaning out on the house saturday.  Mostly closets and shelves. Stuff that the average person walking through the house wouldn't ever see anyway, but I knew it was stuffed in there. So I feel way better now knowing that when I open a closet it is cleaned out and nothing is going to fall out, etc.  It is so true when they talk about purging on these clean house shows. It feels uplifting!  Throwing something away is fun! LOL!  Lee did some painting on the back gable after the sun went down.  I can't wait to sale.
  I really ate bad for me yesterday. We ate with Brett, Mike , and Selena at the Park Hotel Restaurant. Man that is some good eating! The buffet had fried pork chops, chicken pot pie, rolls, cornbread, grean beans, macaroni, potatoes and gravy, greens, okra. Lots of deserts and a great salad bar.  They sure have fixed taht place up nice!  It  would be cool for a reception. They have one big room in the center that is empty. It has marble floors with tall tall ceilings, and chandeliers. If I were getting married, that's where I would have me reception. By far the nicest building in town.
  I've been slowly making my materials list for the garage and getting prices on stuff.  It is fun and nerve racking at the same time.  We want a white metal roof.  We like the look of them ( there's alot of that in florida ) and they are pretty much the most energy efficient roof you can put on your house. I just haven't been able to find any prices online. Just numbers to call local dealers and installers. I am also leaning towards green for our siding. I want some, if not all to be shake siding. Not the real deal, but the faux stuff.  So at least we won't be going back and forth over that. That's the hard part- the colors!  This picture is about what I have in mind for our roof and siding.

And the other picture is what our place will look like with a gambrel roof. We may put a dormer on the front. Not sure about that yet.

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