Friday, June 11, 2010

new look

So, I got bored with my blog background, so I've gone to this flower power one!  Who knows how long I will keep it this way. You never know what you'll see when you come to my blog. ;o)  Nothing super exciting to speak of. Just the normal routine. WE did get lee's junky room cleaned up. We found over 100 dollars worth of change we forgot we had. And a home depot gift card. We don't know what is on it, if anything. We don't remember getting it! It may be a wedding present or something. It was in the little basket that was our card basket at our reception. LOL!  Anyway, so we have made progress on getting things cleaned up and thinned out for putting the house for sale.
  I have found a garage plan that is pretty much like we had in mind.  When we move, we want to build Lee's garage first. He's wanted a garage for our entire marriage. So once he get's that, I won't have to hear about that anymore.  We wanted one with a studio apartment upstairs. We can live there, and then later on if we can, build our itty bitty house. Then we can have our tiny house and when we have company, they can stay over the garage. WE'll have a roof over our head, and Lee will finally have his garage.  So now that we have the plan, I'd like to try to get an estimate on how much it will cost to build.  The one in the picture is more of a salt box design, but I want to put a gambrel roof on it. ( a barn roof ). We've decided that's what we like. Then we'll have a barn in the family again. 


Heather said...

I like it! Where are you thinking of building?

Heather said...

Back in our orginal spot we were going to build before we bought this house. Over on ' the farm ' where mom & dad, Granny, and aunts and uncles, cousins live. WE call our spot the meadow. It's kind of off to itself and private.

Rachel said...

Cool! Building a house is an interesting experience. We love ours even if it isn't quite finished!