Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another trip

Yes, I have been back to Panama City Beach!  We to told ourselves that when it looked like the oil was about to hit we would run back down there. Once the oil gets there, it'll be ruined for a long time.  So last wednesday, lee was listening to the news while he was working on his truck and heard them say that tar balls were starting to wash up in Pensacola. So he comes in the house , interupting my Tv show, and says " we have to go to the beach this weekend or we won't get to for a long time. So I got up and got on the pc to look for a place to stay. We would like to have camped at St Andrews state park, but they stay really booked up and had no vacancy. Plus there was chances for T storms throughout the weekend.  I looked around and found a place to stay that was just a little higher than the cheap places we were looking at that were nowhere near the beach, and it was right on the beach. So we went with that. It was not a very nice place, but oh well, it WAS on the beach and affordable and convenient to St andrews.  Friday morinng we took off and we got to the hotel about 4. We walked the beach for a while , then went to the Mellow Mushroom and had pizza for supper. We hit walmart to get a boogie board and some bacardi, then back to the hotel to enjoy the cable tv. LOL WE don't have anything but basic 6 or 7 channels!  An awesome storm was blowing in when we got to the hotel. Very pretty against the ocean. The news that night was saying there was a 60 % chance of thunderstorms for saturday ( our only day for the beach ). So we were really hoping we would get to actually go play.  We got up bright and early sat morning so we could go into the park as soon as the gates opened at 8 am.  We picked our spot and had the beach to ourselves pretty much for a few hours. I'd say around lunch the crowds really started to come in . I think everyone was thinking they'd better go to the beach for one last frolic before the oil destroys it.  It was actually a very nice day for most of the day! Lots of sunshine and big fluffy clouds.  After about 6 hours out there it started to cloud up and we were noticing we were getting pretty burned. WE packed up all of our stuff and walked over to the jetties for one last look. Then we drove over to the pier and walked on it for a while.  When we were on the pier the rain started to move in so we headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up and relax before we headed to eat.  In the few minutes it took to get to the hotel, we learned really quick that we were TOASTED LOBSTERS! The pain started to come.  WE were laying on the aloe with lidocaine thick!
  We decided for supper we would go somewhere that served local seafood since we probably won't get to have fresh seafood like that again for a long time.  We went to hammerhead fred's.  We Really liked it! I had shrimp and Lee had fish.  We had a massive helping of bread pudding for desert too!.  A lady was walking around taking pictures and putting them in souvenir key chains, so we bought one of those.  IF we end up going back down there, I would like to go back. Very neat atmosphere.

  So after we waddled back to the hotel, Partly because we were SO STUFFED and partly because we were so sunburned, we crashed and watched tv and kept putting on the aloe.  We looked pitiful I had cold rags on both thighs and lee had one on his head.!  My burn almost looked kind of purple. Today it is finally where I can tolerate pants ok. I wore a skirt yesterday.
  It was worth it though!  We haven't been on  a trip just the two of us in a long time anyway, so it was good.

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