Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I have green beans!  I don't have quite enough for a full pan to cook, but I'm getting close.  I found some kind of hog wire fence stuff in the barn and leaned it up like a little roof over my plants. Now they are growing up it. Vines are so amazing how fast they will climb up something. It took one plant about a day and a half to climb to the top of the wire.  Tomatoes are coming along.  My little patio tomato has 10 tomatoes on it I counted today. Ranging from  the size of a large plum to a marble. LOL.  Then the bed of heirloom tomatoes has about 8- 10 growing in it. :o) Mmmm Im going to be making fresh pico! My favorite.
  I have been trying to get organized and throw away stuff I haven't used in a long time. I have a big black garbage bag in the laundry room designated for throwing out house stuff.  My plan is to fill it in a week. And then start another one.  So far I'm about half way or maybe a little more. I wish I knew someone who was doing a yard sale.
  I've been trying to get this place really clean too. I swept and mopped the whole house today.  The floor didn't really look dirty. I just like the smell of my lavender Mr clean stuff. LOL. My mop water was pretty nasty when I finished though.  Lee Cleaned up a bunch of junk around the shed. That looks tons better.  He borrowed the neighbor's lawn mower. Our rider is out of order. I pushed for about 2 hours the other day. I only got maybe half of this monstrous yard done.  Yesterday afternoon  we cleaned up the front porch. We got out the water hose and brushes.  The dirt dobber nest never come completely clean. I think I'm going to paint the ceiling blue. I hear the dobbers won't make their nests there if you do that. I think blue porch ceiling is cool anyway.
  I'm loving my new stove! I've had it a week today. I stocked up on cake mix and brownie mix at Walmart today. They had the brownie mix on sale for 75 cents and cake mix for 88 cents!  I love baking now that I can set the temp, set the timer and walk away. :o) I'm going to gain all my weight back!
  WE are about to change the way we do our stores.  Instead of doing them together, we are going to separate and he do one and I do the other on the same nights. That way we can go from working 6 nights a week to 3 nights a week. At least for a little while anyway. We ultimately want to put another store on the other nights.   We've already mentioned getting another one and are kind of in line for one or more I guess you could say. This will be after some changes take place. I think we could take our pick. The big man is really happy with our work so that's the big advantage.   I'm hoping that nothing changes for a while though so we can enjoy having some evenings off!  One a week is not enough. It gets old.  I'm just hoping our equipment holds up for a little longer. WE desperately need to buy a new buffer, but don't want to dish out that kind of money.  Every night it's a nail biter to see if it starts. :o(  Our other one is already in the shop needing a part that is several hundred dollars.  But that is cheaper than buying a new buffer. We hate that buffer though. Eagle buffers are crap!
 Ok, enough. I'm going to enjoy the mowed yard and grassy smell.

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