Thursday, May 20, 2010

Trailer shopping!

Yes, I've spent the last bit nosing around online looking at travel trailers.  My dream home for now. LOL!  I so far think I like Jayco the best when it comes to floor plans.  They seem to have the best for me to tolerate for my residence. :o)  We are so ready to sell this place! What better way to be forced to simpify than to move into a travel trailer?!!! The way I see it - I can deal for a while. I'll just have to have a nice patio outside.:o)  With no big house to pay off, we can afford to go places IN our house! LOL! No packing involved! there's no way to leave something at home when you take home with you.  OF course Lee would have to upgrade from the mighty ranger to pull it anywhere. hahaha!  Anyways, I'm dreaming. It's funny to me. Most people would think it odd for a person to daydream about moving out of their 4 bedroom house into a travel trailer.  Ohhh, what about tornados???! I'll just run to mom's .
  So Lee wants to get this place tidy and all that good stuff. And I need to go ahead and throw out a bunch of stuff and get it to where we can start advertising. I want it nice and neat so if someone wants to come, look, it will look ok.  Really I'd like to get it appraised as is and see if it's what we want out of it.
 You'd think 70,000 ish wouldn't be bad for a 4 bed  2 bath house and 29 acres right? Plus small 2 stall stable, a metal storage shed, and an old barn? New roof, new doors, new kitchen appliances, totally remodelled bathroom........ uhhhh what else.  All the blackberries you could eat! LOL. Large front yard with circle drive, shaded with mature oaks....... LOL. Let me just get my realtor lingo on here.
  Ugh. time to go to SLEEP!!!!!

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