Sunday, May 16, 2010


Just got back from a much needed VACATION. We did our usual Panama City Beach thing. You just can't beat it with a stick! We rented a place in Seagrove beach, which is out of the busy city of PCB, but close enough to do all the fun stuff. Our house was just up the street from the beach about a 4 minute walk. We had 4 stories of decks. The tower at the top was kind of scary! We spent most of the time out on the bottom porch where there were several chairs and a table. WE would just crank up the radio in the living room and leave the door open. The first full day, all the guys brainstormed and decided to get a keg. They would come out cheaper after a full week. So for the first couple of days the keg , Kelly we named it , stayed on the front porch in a huge garbage can that we kept filling with ice. Well, that was fun and all, but the ice was getting expensive. So we ended up taking all the bottom drawers and racks out of the fridge and parking it in there. Needless to say we had almost no room for anything else in there for the rest of the week.
Lee and I had the master bed room this time. It was our turn I guess. This was the 3rd year and we hadn't had the master yet. WE had a king bed, which I wish I had at home, and a hug bath with a deep tub and a double headed shower. So nice. :o) WE had doors that opened up to the second floor porch and from there you can take the spiral stairs to the 3rd and 4th story porches. You can see the ocen from them.
We brought bicycles with us and really enjoyed riding around the streets and looking at the houses. The first morning I woke up at 5:50 when the sky was getting light. Everyone in the house was still asleep. I got dressed and walked down to the beach. IT is so nice in the morning. Only a few people out. I walked up the beach about a mile to the town of seaside ( where the Truman Show was filmed), then I got up to the jogging/bike trail that runs along the main road and walked back to the house. That was so peaceful. I did that a couple of mornings. One morning mom walked with me.
WE had to go to Margaritaville one night. That seems to be a tradition. And of course go have Five Guys burgers and fries for lunch. The Best burger joint. One day we went to a giant maze. I found out I am not good at that! I was last both times! We played put put on night. I don't know why it's better at night, but it is.
The beach where our place was had TONS of crabs! All of us went down there at night with flashlights and nets and came back with a cooler full. I just watched. John cooked them that night.
One evening all us ladies put on our beach dresses and went to the beach at sunset for pictures. We got some cute ones! All the guys dressed in jeans and white shirts, but john.
Our last day we drove over to St Andrews state park for the day. All I can say is AWESOME! We had the funnest day! The water is soooo pretty blue green! And there were some great waves. A ton of surfers were there. So we rented some boogie boards and blew up floats and got out there too! It is harder to catch a wave than they make it look, but I did catch several. I would like to try the real deal on a full boar
d. Whenever you do finally ride one it, it feels like your doing 80! I did kind of have a wipe out though and I'm still sore. IT carried me WAY in to the shallow part and the nose went down under the surf and slammed into the bottom. Of course it hit my abdomen like a brick wall. It was just below my rib cage or I bet I would have cracked something. I feel bruised but nothing showing up on the outside so it must be inside. IT was worth it. LOL. They also have the jetties that I have always wanted to climb on. IT's rocks that line the canal along the beach. I've always seen the pictures of mom out there on their honeymoon. While we were there, a HUGE cargo ship came through. WE definitly want to go back to that park. It is by far the best beach. WE want to go camp for a couple days down there.
That night we got cleaned up for our last night out. WE loaded Kelly up and took her back, then headed to Schooners. Schooners is a beach bar and grill right on the beach. You can walk right in off the sand and eat. IT is a neat atmosphere. it's all open so the gulf breeze blows in while you eat. A band was there playing all the goodies. I will be going there again on future trips. They have a drink called the sunset splash that is really good. :o)
We had a great time and hopefully we can get away for a long weekend at St Andrews State park before the summer is over.

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