Monday, April 26, 2010

New stove!

Yay! I went to Home Depot today to look at wood flooring, but I ended up buying a stove. HAHA. I've REALLY needed one BAD for a few years, so I don't feel guilty at all. It's a maytag, stainless with the slick cook top. Convection oven.....oh yeah, I'm going to gain some weight. LOL. It won't be here until may 18th though. That's fine with me. I've waited for a stove for 5 years. I can't wait a few more weeks.
Went to Mom's this for supper. I took my garden bugers. Not too bad! Really good actually! They are made with brown rice, mushrooms, onions.... I liked it. And that made a meatless day for me. I got a small amount of exercise riding the bike up and down the driveway. I visited the meadow. Pictured my tiny little dream house there. LOL. I also took note of what part of the yard was still in the evening sun, you know, so I could picture where my sun perinnials would be . HAHAHA! not much of a weekend to tell. Friday I worked at the hospital. Saturday I slept a few hours until all the tornado weather came in, I watched Gone with the Wind part 1......
Oh! I did try a wine I hadn't had before, and I love it! Barefoot Moscato. Mmmm so delicious. I think it will be a regular in my fridge. Also Lee bought a new to us wine too. IT is Cruz Garcia, Real Sangria. import from spain. The bottle is triangle shaped instead of round. It is made from red wine of course, with citrus flavors. IT is very sweet and smooth. Anyway....just a little tidbit for anyone wanting to try something different. I want to learn more about wines. Like I have no idea what the difference is between a sauvignon blanc and a riesling. Mmmmmm.:o) time for bed.

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