Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm back!

Well, I have several complaints that I don't blog much anymore....hahaha! I didn't think my random mutters were so entertaining. So I guess I will try to do better. It has been a month since I put anything on here...
I've been doing a good bit of yard work since the weather has been so nice. Really REALLY nice for like 3 weeks! WE do need some rain I'm sure my plants would like some water from the sky and not from a hose once in a while. My tomato plants seem to be happy though. I have nine in one bed and I have a patio tomato in a container out the back door. I see the first baby tomato growing on it. :o) I also have green beans in one bed, pink eyed purple hull peas in another and bell peppers in another. ( We do raised beds ) I still have room in half of the bell pepper bed for something. I need to decide what. I may put some squash in there. Or maybe some sweet banana peppers.
Today I spent time spiffing up the front yard. I trimmed the gardenia and forsythias back and picked up all that mess. The real fun was doing some free landscaping. I went shopping in my yard and found some stuff to put in a shade bed I'm trying to put together between the two oaks right in front of the house. I already had a couple caladiums and some other caladium looking plants that grow in my back yard planted in there. I have a clematis vine with purple blooms EVERYWHERE that I have up against an old tree trunk I drug in there so it will hopefully take that over. I planted some fern bulbs and I have two that have come up. It still had alot of huge gaps and didn't look put together, so I dug a hosta out of my front bed up and divided it and planted several peices in there. AND I noticed in the back yard under the mulberry tree what looks like liriope, so I decided to dig some of that up and put around the front of the bed. When I dug it up, it was bulbs, which I didn't remember liriope being bulbs. So now I have no idea WHAT this grass is, but I transplanted a TON of it. I'm very curious as to what it is. I'll have to look online and see if I can figure that out. I ended up transplanting a bunch to the bed directly in front of the house too.
Hmmmm, what else??? My diet is great! I basicly have done an overhaul on my way of eating. I feel soooo much better and my skin seems to look healthier. My aunt even commented on it the other day. I don't eat crap anymore basicly. I eat REAL food. LOTS of fruit and veggies ( fresh or frozen, not from a can ) and if I eat meat, it's usually just one serving a day. I stay away from processed stuff with tons of chemicals and preservatives that I can't even pronounce. If the ingredient label is a mile long and I don't know what the stuff is, I don't buy it. Or if you can dump it out of a box and microwave it and it's done, I don't have it. HAHA. I have to actually cook! Really though, when you start to look at processed foods like it's poisoning you, you really have no choice but to lose weight because ALL that junk food is cut out. I don't combine Meat with carbs and I only eat fruit until lunch. I base my diet around the Fit For Life diet plan. IF anyone reads the book they will change their thinking on what they put in their mouth. The best part is the slimming down. I went down a pant size, and now those are loose! I'm kinda mad because I JUST bought some new clothes, but oh well I like being skinnier. :o) I'm down 11 pounds! And I still cheat quite a bit.:o) Sometimes I want meat with my carbs! LOL!
Anyhoo........ that's enough typing for me..... my fingers are smoking.

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