Sunday, March 14, 2010

Running, diet...etc....

Well, it's pretty chilly outside again and grey and cloudy......... I feel so toyed with by this weather. So, it's been an indoor lazy day. We watched 7 years in Tibet earlier and then I decided to open my new body waxing kit. :o) I have nice pink tinged eyebrows now. And that's ALL I'm going to comment on. LOL! Anyway.... I just made a fresh pot of starbucks breakfast blend to try to warm up from the inside out.
I actually tried the running out on one of our few nice days. A few in my family have started this program to get you prepared for a 5K in 8 weeks. Where you run one minute, then walk one minute....and you slowly increase the run time. Well, everyone was talking about how they were surprised at how hard it was to run for very long. Like that first minute was all they could handle. SO I was expecting to wimp out at like 45 seconds since I do nothing that requires running. Well, I went down to mom's to try it out when they ran. I was surprised that my first time I took off and ran 2 and a half minutes and stopped when we made it to the end of the driveway. I really wasn't gasping for air either. So we walked for 2 minutes or something, then took off again for 3 minutes of running. Well we do 3 rounds of this and after the 3rd round, I got that horrible cramp that's in your side and you can't breathe in or out really. Yikes! So I didn't' get to do my whole 5 sets. So that's why I guess they have you start at 1 minute intervals and work up. So I guess I will back it down a notch and go from there. I was totally amazed I could run for 3 minutes though! My thighs were kind of sore after about 24 hours too so that was good. :o) ANd I got some rays.........actually got a tan line from my tank top.:o) I laid out in my backyard one day too. Hopefully by the time I go to florida, I will be dark white instead of white white. HAHA!
I'd kind of like to try to back off of meat products a little too and get off of processed stuff so much. ( It's very hard to completely get away from processed foods now though). Tonight we had asparagus, corn, scalloped potatoes and cranberry sauce. Ya, the cranberry sauce was the processed canned stuff, but it was in my cabinet and I needed to use it and get it out. :o) But at least we didn't have meat this time. It was good and I'm not feeling deprived. I'm going to try to so alot of my shopping at the veggie stands and farmers market this summer and get some REAL veggies that weren't picked so green. Plus I 'll have my little garden too.
LAst night we tried out a new place Canney Fork..... where Santa Fe was, in Columbus they will be in the old santa Fe in Tupelo soon too. IT was ok, I had shrimp and grits. I've heard a few people talk about having it. It was alright. Afterwards we went to place and listened to a live band for a while. IT was nice. Been a while since I heard some live music. And our table was right in front of them too.
Now it's time to strip and wax one of the stores. BLUH! Locked in for at least 2 nights. I will be glad to get it done though. IT has needed it for a year, the manager just finally decided it needed it. It will be sparkling in 48hours. :o)

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