Monday, March 8, 2010


Ok, so it's been a little while..... I hate that! I've just had no moment that I thought, " now is a good time to go update my blog '. I guess I'm in the mood now. :o) The weather is FINALLY shaping up. 70 today! I actually dug out a bikini and spread out a big comforter in the back yard. I could have stayed there for hours soaking up the sun! I did some much needed spring yard work yesterday. I planted some fern bulbs, trimmed my mums. cleaned out some pots. Planted some bean, pea, and pepper seeds, raked and burned leaves. Blew the leaves out of my flowerbed. Today I put some miracle grow feed on all my tress, bushes and plants because I think it's supposed to rain by tomorrow. I"m so happy my clematis is coming back! I just knew it wouldn't come back this year. Supposedly you're supposed to dig up the bulb, but I didn't. IT was in a container too so I really thought it was just too frozen for too long, but I looked at it and there's buds all over it! My redbud tree has tons of little buds popping up too.
Since the weather is getting to flip flop temps, I did some toe grooming this afternoon. HAHA. I had nothing on them. Now they are nice and pretty icy pink.:o) The diet thing is at somewhat of a plateau.... I think the month of rain kind of didn't help. Now I can actually go back to the track. ( hopefully the weather will now cooperate!) I have a beach vacation coming up in 2 months so that should be good motivation. That and putting on that bikini today and looking in the mirror!
So anyway, that's about all there is to say...

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