Monday, December 14, 2009

Let's see if I can remember what I've been up to....... Saturday LEe and I drove up to Memphis to the New York suit exchange to get him a new suit. - that place is probably the only place we will shop for suits from now on. The bomb! We got him the 1 suit package which is 1 suit ( duh ) , shirt, tie, belt socks and shoes. for 133. Yes that is correct 133!!!! And they'll do all of the hemming and taking in or letting out to make it fit just right for 10 dollars. So we decided to do that. They did all their little marks with their white chalk and off we went to the next big room where a nice little lady was waiting to help us get our shirt, tie ,belt and shoes. While Lee went to the shoe wall and picked out his pair, and found his socks and belt, she got out a couple shirt and ties and had them put together for us to pick from. She did a very good job. No thinking involved for us. A man who has no clue how to dress himself can go there and come out looking good. We are going to go back this weekend anyway for the assembly, so we'll just pick it up saturday after we get out and he can wear it sunday. TADA! I've decided that the best way to do it is save your money up until the 2 day, go up friday before the assembly, buy your suits and leave them to be hemmed, then pick them up saturday after the program or sunday after the program. We could have picked it up the next day, we just didn't see the point in doing that since we are going to be back up there this weekend. So there ya go. If you need a suit, that is the place to go. Oh! They have a 3 suits for 333 package too. :o)
Ok, saturday night, I had my cousins Danielle and Hannah plus our friend, Macy over for a girls night. We went to Amory to try out the Oasis restaurant on Main St. Ok, so this going to have to be a new regular eating place for me too. And I'm going to tell everyone I know to start going there for a date night instead of Tupelo because I want it to stay in business! I'm so afraid it'll end up out of business because it never is very full. WE had the place to ourselves on Saturday night. IT is a very pretty and romantic atmosphere. The lighting is really low, like Harvey's I would say. All the tables have white table clothes and there are centerpieces on the table. There is a fountain. The building itself is very antique. IT has an awesome tile patterned floor. YOu know the OLD tile that is like 1 inch pieces. The ceiling looks like it may the original textured antique tin stuff. It is white. The inside is decorated like a European cafe. The walls have a mural painted all the way down that looks like a street side cafe. It even has the red and white tripe canopy that goes over the sidewalk painted on. It looks so good! And above that they have a slightly angled fake roof that is going out over the sidewalk mural. So hard to describe! We sat up in the front in this little booth area all to itself. YOu walk between 2 pillars into what seems like a little gazebo or something. It has a White lattice ceiling with grape vines hanging from it. There is also a little red glass chandelier hanging down. And on the wall is a mural that looks like you are looking out a window into rolling countryside of Europe. Grape vines are painted on that wall and they go all the way up and blend right into the vines that are hanging on the ceiling. TOO COOL! the outside of the booth is chairs, but the inside is a cushioned bench that curves around the front window with a several cute little pillows laying around it. So you are literally sitting IN THE WINDOW when you are sitting in that booth.
The menu is mostly Pasta's pizzas, stromboli, calzones.....etc. They had a special that night that was porch chops, creamed potatoes, a corn and pea dish, fresh bread ( amazing ) and a cup of soup, which was some totally delicious cheddar broccoli soup. IT was ALOT of food. All for 7.95. It was all delicious and tasted like a paula deen-like grandma cooked it. That is their it fresh, no canned warmed up crap. I've heard that the guy that that opened it is some chef from south africa who lived in Europe for some years, so it's like the real deal. So go there and be prepared to wait for your food to be COOKED. IT takes a while but it's worth the wait. They also have a little coffee bar area. Anyway, that is my restaurant critic review the Oasis.
We went to the RedBox ( totally awesome way to rent movies!), and picked up a movie and headed to my house. Within 5 minutes of everyone getting unloaded, all the girls were running and sliding down my long hallway in their socks. I evidently have the longest hallway anyone has ever seen. LOL. You would have thought it was a roller coaster or something. WE finally settled down and watched our movie, transformers 2. The rest of the night we just lounged around and chatted and watched SNL......... WE went to bed a 2:30. Amazingly we were able to wake up and get to the meeting. That was pretty much the end of the events for the weekend. I crashed sunday afternoon.
Today Lee and I went to the library and each got cards. :o) I checked out East of Eden, a John Steinbeck classic on my list of books I want to read. So far it's good. I'm determined I'm going to read it within the next 2 weeks.........the librarian looked at my big book and said , to recheck it out all you have to do is call she thinks I'll never finish it in time. HA I'll show her. IT's on now , lady. I'm on page 44 of 601, so I have my work cut out for me.:)
Ok, that's my weekend update.


Gary and Emily said...

Told you their bread was awsome!! Their pizzas are awsome too. The dough actually has a yeasty flavor MMMMmmm

Heather said...

That's such an awesome deal on Lee's suit! We are going to have to go up there and get one for Brandon! And that restaurant sounds neat! Oh...Congrats on your library card! I need to use mine more often!