Thursday, December 24, 2009

Waiting on Nyquil

I'm awake again, but can't take anymore Nyquil until 2:30. So I'm just waiting...... I started getting sick Saturday at the assembly I guess. That afternoon my throat just suddenly became REALLY REALLY sore. Sunday my nose decided to start running during the morning session out of nowhere. I mean literally I felt fine, then suddenly I was digging around looking for a napkin because my nose was about to drip. Sunday we went straight home after the assembly and I made a pizza and crashed on the couch. Friday ( before I was feeling sick ) I signed up to work at the hospital monday and tuesday nights, so I was screwed. I went ahead, but only because the last time I signed up to work I had to call in sick. I was determined I wasn't going to do that again. This WEdnesday morning when I got out of that hospital, I looked like a patient. I headed straight to Walgreen's for nyquil and puffs with lotion. I never knew how important it was to have good Kleenex until I had to use the hospital ones for 2 nights. I thought my nose was going to bleed! So I've pretty much been on the couch ALL DAY. OF course I am out of groceries, and tomorrow is Christmas eve. ALL I wanted when I woke up was soup, so Lee went to the store and bought me some chicken noodle and some banquet meals for him. I absolutely lost my taste. I ate a honey bun and was so disappointed. We would really not eat alot of foods if it were just based on the texture! I may as well have been eating a dish rag. All of the sinus gunk has now migrated to my chest. I was really hoping that would not happen. I sound like an evil robot. I'm trying to make myself drink alot of fluid to thin it all out so it's easier to cough up- something I preach to my patients all the time. I jsut don't want to! I guess because I can't taste. I guess I am going to make a list and go to the store tomorrow. If I don't , we will starve Christmas day. I think I'm going to make a pot of soup. That should last a few days. :o)
WE had our 2 day assembly last weekend. Of course it was great. I may try to go again in February. We drove back and forth and mom and dad rode with us. Saturday Lila rode with us too. WE picked up Lee's new suit saturday after the assembly and he was able to wear it sunday. :o) So nice looking. :o) That is pretty much it. Not alot to talk about. I guess I'll make my grocery list.


Heather said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you're sick! I feel your pain! Maybe if you load up on lots of vitamin C and get plenty of rest you can knock it out in a day or two.

Rachel said...

I hope you feel better soon!