Thursday, December 10, 2009


Man what a crazy week of weather. Ranging anywhere from severe thunderstorms and 70 degrees to 27 degrees and ice puddles. Crazy. Good weather to stay inside and read. I need another book. I read my last book, Deception Point, in just a week. It was very edge of your seat kind of reading. If you like conspiracy, government kind of stories, you'd like this one. Hopefully it will be a movie soon. I read that it is supposed to be one.
The neighbor dog, Candy, who lives here most of the time, had her puppies a few weeks ago in our barn. WEll a couple weeks ago the neighbors got her a place fixed up and came and picked them all up and transported them back home. Well yesterday I guess Candy had all she could take of being over there all alone and missing us, so she started moving her pups back over here. Yesterday afternoon we found one on the porch, then another a few hours later, then another. This morning we had all seven on the porch again in Sadie's bed. Poor Sadie had to sleep out in a pile of leaves. We left a note for the neighbor to come get her pups again. They are REALLY cute! Alot of the bulldog came out in them. And some are REALLY wrinkley! Just want to squeeze them.
Today Lee went into school to take his last exam for this semester and was back home by 11 or so. Now he doesn't go back until jan 7th. :o) After he got home we decided we wanted to go eat some lunch somewhere so we called mom and dad to see if we could take them to the Penny Lane's Java Cafe in Aberdeen. That is our new favorite lunch spot. We are planning to go try out breakfast sometime. I had the Orleana ( a muffeletta ) , IT was alright. The olive spread is kind of weird. I'd never had one, so I decided to try it out. SO far my favorite is their huge bbq sandwhich. YUM! They have a Reuben that is really good. That is what dad had today. IT's in an old downtown building and the inside is sage green and buttery yellow painted brick walls with bistro/coffee decor and wood floors. Probably about 20 tables and a small old fashioned bar with a few bar stools. They also have dip ice cream, coffees, and pastries. A really cozy atmosphere. - with Wi-Fi I might add. A very cute little place.
My cricut expression machine finally came in yesterday evening. I had to make SOMETHING right away, so I made some snowflakes to stick on my fridge. :o) It at least make me feel warm and cozy .

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Rachel said...

The weather has been crazy. I am freezing. All this morning at work I have been wearing my coat and scarft. BRRRR!