Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wide awake

Ok, I woke up a little while ago and I am sooooooooooooo awake. So I got out of bed and came back here to check email, etc. The time was 2:20am ! Which really is 1:20 am now. Grrrrrrrrrr. I went to bed at 9:45 ( 8:45 ) For some reason I am not getting out of night shift mode this week. I already studied my WT last night. So I'm just here. Yesterday I woke up around 5 am. I seem to be going backwards.
WE went to Tupelo yesterday to look at kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is a big selling point for a house and mine is ehhhhh Not absolutely horrible, but it's not good. It needs an update bad. Drawers that roll....... and wood that isn't splintered, new counters. Plus We want to redo the floors in this house and I don't want to lay in floors around these cabinets, then try to rip them out later and hope the spot these 50 year old things leave is the same size as new stuff. I don't want to spend the money it costs for the cabinets that must be ordered. Just too much more to pay for something that I don't HAVE to have to serve the purpose. ( trying to stay simple and not go crazy ). So I found some of the instock cabinets I like. Well, Lee discovered the unfinished ones that are even less expensive. He's all about those. And I agree it is a big savings. I just don't want to do the staining! I got so burned out when I repainted the cabinets we have now. But Lee said I could do it since I will " have so much time now " WHAT?@!
Anyway, so I've been looking at different stains. So hard to decide what you won't get tired of! I really like my black cabinets I have now, but I don't want to paint the new ones black right away. To me, you should save the painting for when you get tired of your wood stain. If you paint it first, then you're done. Of course there is a sale on all instock cabinets of 20% off that ends tomorrow. IT would save a few hundred. I don't want to rush though. And where would we put it all? I guess in the weight room. I also NEED a new stove! I found one for 598 that is like what I want. I want a slick top, I HATE stove eyes! Mine are so ugly. And it has to match my stainless look. And I only want the fake stainless like my frige - no fingerprints. I actually found a real stainless one for 498, but I don't want the real stainless. I really really need a stove though. Only 3 of my eyes work and the oven burns everything. I think it's an antique, seriously. I'm pretty sure.
After we got home, we got on the couch and watched the Notre Dame game. I have really started a love affair with them this year. I've watched more of their games than Ole Miss. And I'd be torn between who I'd want to watch if they were both playing at the same time. They are just awseome! I'm a budding Notre Dame fan. Jimmy CLausen, the QB is amazing. Heisman talk is in the air. And they can break tackles like no one else. You will just be sitting there with your mouth hanging open saying " how did he get out of that?!!!" Watch a will see what I'm saying.

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Heather said...

I know what you mean about the kitchen. My stove is the same way - only 3 eyes work, and I can't keep them clean. I want a smooth top too. And our cabinets won't stay shut...the bottoms are coming apart. Well, you've been here! We're talking of gutting the entire kitchen and redoing it all. We have to get out and price some stuff to see what we're looking at so we can start saving!