Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm a slacker

I thought that when I went prn, I'd have so much time to post in my blog. Well, I haven't been doing that. It's amazing how that time I used to use to sleep is filled up with plain old stuff. My house is clean ( well not granny clean, but clean.) The laundry pile stays small. I still hate washing dishes so that still piles up. I have been raking leaves, and trying to stay on top of the acorns that cover the porch daily. I think we have an acorn boom this year. If I could sale them, I'd pay off my house. The dog is even eating them. I have cleaned out my dresser and closet. I have a HUGE bag of clothes headed for hannah home. Today I reorganized this computer desk. The top half is all meeting books and stuff, so I have that all tidy. I'm glad I did this because now I know we don't have october or november wathtowers. Amazingly, we do have december. Anyway....... Saturday I went to Heather K's to attend her Stampin Up! Home party and spend the night. I had a lot of fun and I may have a party at my house in a couple of months. I splurged and bought myself a few things that I can't wait to use. IT's a company that sells stamps for use in crafts such as scrapbooks, and greeting cards. The demonstrator helped us all make a few little projects to showcase the products. I made my first card. I really like that! I plan on making a bunch more now that I've been introduced . It's so much more personal than buying one too. You can put your own little style in it. Since I've been home I've made one for Lila and one for my mother-in-law. Back to my weekend............ After everyone left, it was just me and Heather.K. so we made some drinks with good stuff in it and headed to her scrapbooking desk. I made a coule pages for my kitty, Bay Bay. We didn't last long before we tired out. So I hit the couch. IT was just few minutes and I see Heather's cat, Beldar, poking his head up over the edge of the couch checking me out. I guess he was scoping out a place to lay. So he slept up by me head for a long time. He's so big and fluffy. :o)
Sunday morning I got up and got ready and drove back to Amory for the meeting. It's really not a bad drive.
That is pretty much the good fun stuff for the week. The rest of the week has been boring house work and fighting off a cold or whatever is going around. I didnt' do much yesterday. I even called in sick to work.
Hopefully it will not be a week or two before I post again!

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Heather said...

Glad you came. I had fun. We'll have to do it again when I can actually stay awake to scrapbook! LOL Glad Beldar kept you company...he's such a cuddler!!