Friday, October 23, 2009

Posting neglect

I have really slowed down with my posting. I guess there hasn't been that much to post. Let's see, what HAVE I done recently? Sunday I saw 'Couples' Retreat ' . It was pretty cute. Of course in was funny too, but not the way I thought it was going to be funny. It really made us want to go on some Caribbean vacation! - I need a passport!
I have a really really really easy desert dish! - if you like pumpkin. Take one large can of pumpkin, mix it with a spice cake mix , put it in a baking dish ( I put in some walnuts too ) and bake according to the cake mix directions. It was delicious! It was like eating pumpkin pie with no crust. I put cool whip on mine. :o) Yum! I bet you could use sweet potato the same way. The girl at work made hers in cupcake form. That was pretty neat too.
WE finally have our land situation straightened out. It's a long story. Basically we never got most of our land deeded to us , we had 10 acres deeded to us somehow - dumb lawyer. Anyway Now we finally have the whole 27 or 29 or whatever it is. We were afraid we would end up in court, but it turned out OK. Big sigh of relief.
Tonight I go back for my last 6 nights of full time work. :o) So ready to get it over with. I already have some days I've signed up for on the next schedule. ( only 2 though. and a week apart. :o) I may end up adding a couple more. Small doses.
That's all that is happening.............

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Rachel said...

Wow! I bet you are excited to be through with the full time. It sounds wonderful to me.