Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well, I finally made a meatloaf tonight. I just felt like it was not right that I have not made one since I've been married. Or maybe ever. I looked and looked for a copy cat recipe for Logan's meatloaf. It is delicious! I never found one so I just kind of made one up. How hard could it be? IT turned out really good! And I made some rolls. I haven't really had much experience with bread or rolls. I really want to learn how to make good rolls though. They weren't bad for my first ones, but they aren't like I like. Next time I will put way more sugar in.
Now I have to conquer chicken and dumplings. Another thing I have never really made. Well, I've made some once, but I cheated and used the dumplings you buy in the freezer section at walmart. They are not as good as the real made from scratch ones. :o) My 2009 southern living cookbook came in the mail last week and I've found several recipes I want to try in it. Man, my stomach is starting to growl.
We will be getting faster internet soon. We are getting wild blue satellite. We can't get dsl here. I'm looking forward to that. Dial up is soooooooooooooooo slow. That's all for today......

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Heather said...

I don't make meatloaf often, but I usually use the Lipton recipe when I do. OH, I have a good recipe for rolls...I think they're on The Gang. They're called "Easy Rolls". (Original, huh?) I've never even attempted chicken & dumplings though. I guess I need to get my aunt Mary to teach me how. Hers are the best!!