Friday, November 27, 2009

Boring Post

Ok, so I'm not doing good at keeping on this any more. I'm just getting boring. I guess I have just already blogged about any random thoughts in my head. IT's just empty in there now. haha.
I ordered a cricut today.....yay! It'll probably be a week or 2 before it gets here. Oh well, I've waited a year for one. I can wait a couple more weeks if I have to. :o) Lee has been out of school all week this week. IT has been nice. HE get's out dec 10th for the semester. So he just has a handfull of days left in this year. The neighbor's dog, Candy, had her puppies in our shed. 7 of them. They are cute. Little bull dogs and labs. :o) If I had my camera I'l have some pictures but Lee loned it to one of his classmates 2 weeks ago and I still don't have it back.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow. #1 to watch the game ( hopefully ole miss will kick MSU tail. ) And I have a bunch of family from 3 different states down and we'll be sitting around a fire I'm sure and maybe play some volleyball. We spent most of our day over there today hanging out.
That's pretty much all that's happening. ........

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Heather said...

I would be lost without my camera! Hope you get it back soon!!