Sunday, August 2, 2009

weekend events

WEll, we decided not to go off on a big trip over the weekend. We decided we'd spend too much money. So friday we just did some yard work and hung around the house. I was surprised at how nice the weather was. We kept waiting for a storm to come up, but it never did. So I decided that maybe Saturday would be that nice too and we needed to go canoe the buffalo. We made a few calls, but no one was up for the last minute thing. Mom has been wanting to canoe for a while so she decided she would come with us. So we made plans to pick her up at 7 Saturday. We headed to Walmart and bought our snacks and drinks for the cooler. Before we went to bed, we watched one of our netflix movies, Freedom Writers. It was really good. Way better than I expected it to be. I recommend it to anyone who hasn't watched it yet.

The alarm went of at 5:45 saturday morning. But it's not so bad when you're getting up to do something fun. WE loaded our stuff up and headed for mom's. WE stopped in Amory for breakfast, then we were finally headed north. WE were leaving town later than I wanted to . I was thinking the later we get in the water, the farther into the afternoon we'll be out there and the more likely we are to get caught in a thunderstorm. I wanted to be in the river by 10 am. WEll we got behind EVERY slow poke in the south on the way there. WE didn't take the Trace since it's 50 miles/hr. We ended up having to do 45 because evidently everyone in Tennesee has nowhere to be in a hurry. WE FINALLY got to Crazy horse at about 10:30. WE were already a half hour later than I wanted to be. The parking lot was really full already. And when we were parking they were loading 2 bus loads of people to take them to the drop off point. WE were thinking oh crap, there will be no canoes left. I snapped a picture of the scene. Thankfully we got a canoe. We chose to do the 4 hour. That's the shortest and we didnt' want to get caught in a storm. IT was a different section of the river than I have been on before. I think I liked it better than the one I've done the other times I've gone. usually we get in the river at the canoe place, then we float down from there and get picked up and brought back. This time we loaded up on a bus, they dropped us off up river and we floated down to the canoe place and were done. And there were 3 rope swings on this trip. It was a really nice day, we never got rained on. The water was really really clear. WE saw turtles, fish, horses, cows, GOATS, yes there were white goats standing along the banks and they had learned that the people in the canoes will feed them. LOL. IT was so relaxing. We never flipped. WE didn't bring our cameras because we figured we'd flip at some point but we stayed dry. We were really wishing we would have been able to take pictures. It was really pretty. We want to go again before fall. Maybe we can actually get a bunch to go next time. Here's the link ....

Today after I finished lunch, I decided to dig out some of my excess paint I have in the closet. My laundry room hasn't been touched since we moved in and it looks horrible! Old Old gray paint that is stained and chipped, AND another wall has a funky red mud color. I have a couple gallons of county white so I decided that would brighten it up in there and make it look cleaner. I took before pictures. I'm am really shocked out how much better the built in shelves are looking now that they're white! I got tired of painting after an hour or so, so I stopped and cooked supper. After supper I got out my scrapping supplies and did a couple more pages for my cook book. I have 6 done so far. A slow slow project. It may be months before I do another page. Anyway, that is pretty much our weekend .


Heather said...

I like the pages you did! And canoeing sounds fun. Every time we've been, it's been the same route. I'd like to do a different one next time. I like the idea of driving upstream and then canoeing to the rental place. Maybe we can do that one next time!

Rachel said...

I would love to go with a group. I've never been canoeing and Lee loves it.