Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yesterday was so uneventful that I have to think REALLY hard to remember anything about it. I went grocery shopping. I do remember that.............. Lee got his financial aid situation fixed at school. Hooray! The whole reason for him choosing to go to school was that he could do it for free. There's a program for Monroe county residents ( there's a few more counties that do it too ) that will pay your way. If you are turned down for other grants and scholarships, then Monroe county pays for it. Well he about got screwed out of it on a technicality that was not his fault. He kept talking to people and finally he worked his way up to the director of financial aid. He gave Lee the approval. So that is a big bill that we almost had to pay.

I guess the biggest excitement was last night when I got ready for bed. I wish I had a video. I can see it as an episode of ' Mad About You '. I went in the bedroom and started turning down the sheets and getting my pillows stacked just right to lay there and read. When I first walked up to the bed I thought I saw something fly off of the pillow like a wasp or something. I looked around and saw nothing flying around and thought I must've just thought I saw it. Well when I picked up the pillow there he was - a HUGE brown spider! And he jumped over to the crack that goes behind the head of the bed. Of course I screamed. Lee comes in there. I'm standing there on my tip toes ( how does that help?) with my thumbnails in my mouth pointing at the bed......" there's a huge huge spider and it jumped behind the bed!" So Lee goes over there and looks in the bed and says hmmm I see nothing. I was like " Oh no.....he's over there somewhere!" Finally Lee spots him in the back corner on the floor against the wall. Of course he says " I see a little spider." SO I slowly crawl across the bed and lay next to him. We're both diagonal across the bed with our feet hanging off the outside and our heads peeping over the edge into the crack between the wall and the bed. There he was........just trying to look little and harmless. I told Lee " He is not little. He's big. He's just being little right now." Lee was laughing at me. He rolled over and was like ' oh well '. I was not having a spider in my room . Lee was going to just let him be there. OF course I was not sleeping in there with that spider waiting to crawl back in bed and in my mouth. Lee will not kill spiders. I finally convinced him that I was not going to sleep in there unless the spider went outside. So he got a glass and a paper plate and out he went. Of course 2 minutes after we got in bed and I was reading my book I just knew I felt something crawl on my toe. So I was kicking and threw off the covers and stood up beside the bed. I slowly lifted the covers looking for a spider...................... nothing. Just my imagination. Meanwhile Lee is silently staring at me with no expression on his face. " I thought there was a spider on my foot " I said. He still said nothing and just stared. Amazingly I didn't dream of spiders crawling all over me.

Today We went to Tupelo and I made an appointment for an eye exam, we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and had soup salad and bread sticks at Olive Garden. Something was wrong with the drivers today. We saw a wreck happen right in front of us......... then someone almost backed out in front of me. I had to hit my horn......... Then, we drove past another wreck on the way home that had just happened. No law enforcement was there yet. Everyone was standing around, so we didn't stop. I told Lee I couldn't wait to get home and get off the road! That's pretty much it . I have included a picture of our newest k-9 drop off. Lee has went around to all the neighbors for a few miles and no one claims him. He's some kind of hound dog. He goes out in our woods and trees things. We can here him barking and barking. He sounds like a hound. He's the littlest dog here, but he has the biggest bark. He is a sweety. His tail is hilarious.....s stubby thing. I have a picture. I was taking a picture of his face, but he moved and I got his back half. I think it's a funny picture. One of those you laugh at and you don't know why....... Anyway.......anyone want a hound dog. I guess he will be going to the shelter soon.


Heather said...

Aww - the doggie's cute! (NO, we don't want him! LOL) He looks like someone dipped his tail in a can of white paint. :)

I'm glad ya'll got the financial aid stuff taken care of. I wish there had been something like that when Brandon went. He was getting a free ride at ICC but then had to transfer to NEMCC for his radiology program and didn't get jack unless you count the measley $250/semester MTAG. We had to take out student loans...which we're still paying. :op

I would've freaked out about the spider. I HATE spiders!!! At least Lee carried it outside for you. Chivalry is not dead! LOL

Heather said...

WEll, I wanted him to kill it so it would not end up back in my bed! :o) But Nooooooo......He doesn't kill things....lol

Rachel said...

LOL! That would have been on dead spider! I'm itching right now thinking of it.

Gary and Emily said...

Awe! I want a doggy! but I don't want one that barks at nothing. We are thinking about getting a german shep. You need to go get some home defense max!!! It works great!!!!!!! thats what we always use....... Garys a wuss he doesn't like bugs.