Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2 more

Ok, this is getting rediculous! 2 more are pregnant at work. Yet another reason to get outa there! What is the deal? That makes it 12 times we've heard the phrase " guess what guys, I'm pregnant. " in this last year. 12! 6 south is getting a reputation. I also have an aunt and a friend who are pregnant. Geez. The government has decided they need to make more people, so they have but some kind of fertilizer in our food.
Speaking of food..........I need some in my stomach. Some without fertilizer in it.


Heather said...

It must be in the water! Watch out! LOL

Gary and Emily said...

There are 5 at kohls and 2 with new babies (7) and two of the 5 are having twins!

Jimdandy said...