Thursday, June 18, 2009


I bought new purse today at Cato. It's not the most perfect, but it'll do. At least it will sit up straight on it's own and it doesn't cave in on itself. My purse was floppy and I couldn't dig in it because it wanted to collapse in on itself. My phone rang in line the other day at walmart and it took me 2 minutes probably to get it OUT of the purse. Lee was just staring at me in amusement.

We also checked out our new dollar tree that opened in Amory. WooHoo! That's where I'm buying my soap and cleaning supplies from now on. I got a huge thing of chamomile hand soap ....I love the way it smells. :o) They did have a few scrapbook things in there, but I refrained. I haven't used what I have. I need to get busy and print some pictures.

Yesterday evening we met Brett and Lila at their house and rode with them to Oxford. We went to Casa Mexicana....I think is what that place is called. I had the best burrito I have ever had. the " super burrito " Yum.....I will be going back for that again. OF course Brett and Lee couldn't pass up their huge 32oz beers.....I think that was the purpose in going When they would tilt it up to drink, the top rim of the glass would be touching their Their 'happy hour' lasts for most of the evening all the way until 8 pm I believe so those huge 32 oz-ers were only 2.50. Cool huh? I just had my water. I didn't want to get sleepy since I only slept 4 hours that day. I told Lila that we need to come back over there and shop. That place is growing so much. Lot's of neat little stores. We noticed they have a Japanese place and an Indian place. I've never tried Indian food. SO anyway, that is what's been going on.


Gary and Emily said...

HAHA we are so funny!!! I Almost bought that purse but I decided I would get it dirty so I bought the green one......Then me and gary when to dollar tree the other night I was so excited haha and I bought the same soap!!!!!

Heather said...

IS the soap yellow? haha....ya, I'll probably have this purse dirty soon. That other colorfull white one I had last year got really dirty.