Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Logan's and used cars

Ok, so I just got up.......at 2 pm. I stayed up until about 1-ish last night and have made myself stay in bed late. I have to work again tonight. This week has been so screwed up by work. LAst night I did not want to cook supper. Lee decided we needed to go to Logan's. When we got there we found out that on mondays and tuesdays they have a menu you can choose from and get 2 meals for 13.99. So that's what we did. I tried something I never thought I would ever order on purpose, but I was in an experimenting mood I guess... I ordered meatloaf! It was sooooo good! Like no other. It was grilled. I will definatly be ordering that again. So I recommend Logan's meatloaf to any who haven't tried it. Before we went home, I had him drive by the used car places. We're toying with the idea of getting rid of our car and buying something used and cheap. I'm really not very excited about that idea. I like my car...it runs great....no problems. Everything works..... I'm not scared to drive across the country in it...... we NEVER have to work on it. Just change the oil. I don't want something that needs a new part every 6 weeks, that takes up my time. We were talking about the payments and Lee was like," yeah it keeps ticking down and going by pretty fast. It's hard to believe we've had this a year. " I said........" we'll have it 2 years in august." LOL. See, we are farther along than he thought. I say we keep it. :o)

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Heather said...

I've seen the meatloaf on the menu. I thought the grilling was interesting. I bet it is good!