Saturday, May 2, 2009

Today was RAINY! WE did not go to the parade because when the alarm went off it was really black outside. So we kept sleeping. We headed up there around 11 or so. Walked the whole place. I tried to get a picture of the whole scene, but couldn't get it all in one frame. So I took one half of the lot, then the other. The cool thing about this was the fact that it wasn't just a 'car show' where the cars just sat there all day. They all came and went as they pleased. So there was constantly the rumble of a muscle car going by you. Lines of them. You couldn't here the rumble of the 70 chevelle because the 69 camaro was in front of it runbling louder. LOL. What a horrible problem. Man I love that sound. How could a person have a muscle car and not have a good sounding cam in it. Emily, Dave, Danielle, Cayla, Cody, Gary, Mom, Dad, Sarah and Cliff were also there. WE ate some BBQ by Jim for lunch. I had a funnel cake for desert from the vendors. YUM! Those are ok to eat like twice a year. :O) Eventually the rain came back and stayed. Oh! while I was there I found a car I thought would be our perfect ' road trip ' car. I swear 4 people could fit in the back seat. IT was a 56 chevy BelAire Sedan. It was black( old black ) like probably the original paint. The seats were in pretty good shape. I told LEe we just needed to get some new tires and dependablye drive train and forget the paint. TaDa! I would totally go on a tour in it. They are pretty sweet looking restored. For 2900 bucks I thought it was awsome.

Oh well........we already have the Ford and the TransAm to mess with.....then there's the mustang still sitting in Pontotoc.......and there's a Fairlane in Pontotoc too........what else does Lee have in the weeds???


Heather said...

Glad you had a fun day! We went to Florence and watched Wolverine with Mike & Jeannie. I'll try to blog about it later today. :)

Heather said...

Cool, we saw it saturday night too.... I just left that part out.