Friday, May 1, 2009

Fun friday

Today was good. I slept SOOO hard last night! Once I went to sleep at 1:30 anyway. The alarm went off and got Lee up ( to go to Icc to take his math final ) and I never new it. I never woke up until he was already back home. He said I was hogging the middle of the bed last night and he finally yelled " Heather move over on your side! " and he says I immediatly moved over. LOL. I don't remember any of that. We went to Tupelo at 11 and ate CiCi's pizza for lunch, then looked around at plants at Lowes. Then headed to the BCS arena to see how many cars were there for the blue suede cruise. There were alot cars there already, We are going back tomorrow morning for the parade of cars. Then walk around some more. That's if it's not pouring rain. I'm glad we were there today when it was sunny since it looks like it may not be sunny anymore this weekend. After we left there we went to Sonic. It was happy hour. :o) Lime slush time. THEN we went back to Lowes lawn and garden center again. I've been wanting some big lavender plants for the yard. ( I LOVE the smell ). You can only buy itty bitty baby ones at walmart. I wanted someting I could see. I bought four spanish lavender plants. We we got home Lee took a nap and I planted my plants and picked around in my beds. IT smells so good outside now anyway.........I have never seen the honeysuckle like it is this year. IT is thick all around us! I washed the bottom half of the walls on the porch. I shocked the pool again. We got both vehicles washed and vaccuumed. Now I'm ready to wind down and veg on the couch.

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