Saturday, May 9, 2009

Going to work

I just got up and Lee is gone somewhere.....I'm too lazy to go get my phone out of the car and call him to see where he Frozen Pizza for supper tonight. I have another baby shower tonight at work. I'm taking sausage balls again. I always get voted to bring sausage balls. Lee always gets jeoulous. He asked me " why don't you make those for me? " So I left about a dozen out in a freezer bag for him.
I wish I could catch the local news tonight. When I was coming home this morning I topped the hill almost to the Okolona exit and traffic was backing up and there was something on fire in the road up there. Like maybe a semi truck. I just turned and took a backroad short cut so I didn't get to see what was going on up there. I bet they were glad it was pouring rain.
I think I'm going to study a few paragraphs in the WT for tomorrow while I eat my pizza.

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