Sunday, May 10, 2009


After slaving away, washing my walls and baseboards the other day. Making my house have that nice fresh clean smell, I walked in the door this morning to tom cat smell! A Tom cat has not been in the house for months. Lee said he got home last night sometime and the back door had blown open and the house smelled like cat. Grrrrrrrrrrrr! Why couldn't that have happend a week ago????? What a waste of my time. And I can't tell where it's coming from it just smells like it's everywhere. Even in my bedroom. I think there's a barn somewhere that is about to get filled with cats. I just have to drive around and find it. Oh ya, Petey ,who we thought was a boy...........he had 3 kittens in one of lee's tool drawers the other day. Ya. nice. Lee opened the drawer to get a tool out and Petey was in there with 3 little kittens. Great. Even our 'boys' are having babies.


Heather said...

Oh no!!! Do you have a black light? They say you can see cat urine with a black light. It might help you find it.

Gary and Emily said...

Moms kitty is getting milk but she sure isn't big. you can't even tell shes pregnant. I said shes have 3 maybe 4 kittens.I paid mom to clean my house friday. Inlaws decided to drop in unexpected. :O

Heather said...

No, I used to but I think I broke it. I found a couple of spots down on my knees with the right angle of light. So it smells a little better. :1