Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cleaning and other thoughts

IT has been my goal for the last few weeks to CLEAN this house. Not the usual neat and tidy, but good spring clean. I can just tell it is dirty underneath. MY house has dirt under it's fingernails. And we are supposed to be a clean people. That's what Jehovah expects of us. SO today I started. I got a sponge and filled my big green bowl lavender and vanilla mr clean and hot water and started cleaning. I washed the walls and baseboards in my kitchen, dining and living room. I got out the vaccum and pulled out the couches and got all that stuff that somehow accumulates under there. How can THAT many bugs decide to go under my couch and die? Why are there THAT many bugs in my house anyway? I also cleaned the fireplace off. Yuck. IT really hadn't been cleaned up good since it got warm. So I took ALL the stuff off the brick shelf and vaccumed ashes up and dusted. My living room is nice and clean now. And I cleaned the dining room all up and I there is nothing but my salt and pepper on my table again. :o) I also did 2 loads of laundry and put away a load of dishes. So I feel like I've accomplished alot. I haven't even got started though. LOL. I have also put away my winter clothes and got out what little summer I have and threw away old stained stuff and reorganized my dresser drawers. I need to go through this whole house and throw away stuff. SIMPLIFY. Less is more. I'm trying to stick with that idea.
I also EXERCISED. Oooooooooo. After I got home from the meeting. I've got to start doing that regularly. IT does give you a little boost of energy. I was saying to Lee the other day, " maybe I need to cut back on carbs " He was like......Heather, you can't eat any healthier than you already eat, you are down to the exercise point. I think he's right. My calorie intake is fine. I drink no calories,( besides the occasional alcoholic beverage or lime slush ) and eat either grilled or baked lean meats 95% of the time. I rarely fry anything. I don't make alot of processed sides like noodle dishes or rice dishes. I pretty much do veggies and mostly non-canned. I don't bake sweets often..... maybe every few months. I take my lunch to work ( lean pockets ). So I think I've done about as much as I can with the eating part. I guess I could just NEVER cheat and go out to chilis and have some cheese fries! LOL. So exercise it is. :o(
Today our neighbor came to our house. He wants Lee to help him build a fence. They noticed that Lee got ALL of his fence posts up in the time it took them ( 3 or 4 guys ) to put up 4 posts for their driveway gate. LOL. He also said that they are now in a rush to get the garage/apartment for the house built first because their house sold and they have to be out in 3 weeks. So I guess we will have new neighbors across the road soon. They have been building over there for a week or two now. He's a nice guy and his mom is nice too. She manages a NMMC home health place in Amory, maybe I need to get to know her more and get her to hire me there. :o)


Heather said...

You go, girl! Our house is filthy. I've let it go and let it go. I need to do general cleaning & tidying AND a good deep spring clean. Maybe I can get started this evening and work on it into the weekend...As it is now, I'd be ashamed for anyone to drop in! :os

As far as diet & exercise, I have to get back on that too. I found out last night that we are probably going on a cruise with the in-laws *next month*! Talk about short notice and no time to plan!

Heather said...

A cruise sounds fun! Where are ya'll going?

Gary and Emily said...

I have kept up with my running in the mornings on my elliptical pretty well. It makes you feel more accomplished. like you did actually do something for yourself that day...something you chose to do not had to do. I had lost a pound in two days but I haven't weighed since. I probably have gained 4 :) But I have went up a setting. I run frontwards and backwards.