Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chapter one - RR fest weekend

Ok, I'll have to post in chapters because alot has been going on. Thursday: The Railroad festival kicked off . After the meeting I went downtown with mom and dad to see Restless Heart ( an old country band that had hits when I was little. Everyone knows there songs, but for some reason doesn't know there name. For instance the song that goes " Why does it have to be black or white....why does it have to be one way or another........" Anyhoo....they were really good. Their harmony is great even live....... We were pretty over dressed. I'm pretty sure everyone was wondering why we were in dresses and dad was in a suite.
Friday..... we got up before 9 am which is good for a day I'm not working. The yard needed work. So I hit the push mower while Lee got on the rider. Well, I was just going to mow the front up under where all the trees are and the back up arond the sidewalk where the rider wouldn't fit too good. Well, lee had a blowout. So he went to town and got a new tire yada yada yada....... so I ended up mowing ALOT more. But that's good.....good exercise and tanning. I just look like I am wearing a tank top when I'm wearing nothing I also washed the car. When we finished we headed to mom's until it was time to go to the pickle barrel. ( a fish house that is really good and people come from miles around to eat at.) Paul and Jennie were down from Indiana, so they had to get some good catfish. Paul says you can't get good catfish up there like it. I just know that the people there sigh when they see my family coming because we usually take up a whole room and we are just loud smart elic
After supper, all of us , well the young people, headed to the festival. WE walked around the carnival and watched Cody, Macy, Emily, and Caleb ride the ring of fire. I'm pretty sure I would puke my toes inside out if I rode that thing. Then we walked back up to the stage to see the Gents play for a while - a good old amory band that plays oldies. They are awesome. We hired them for Granny and Grandad's anniversary party.
After that we went BAck to the farm and sat around the fire until about midnight or so and finally came home for bed........... Had to rest up for saturday........ ( chapter 2. )

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Heather said...

Sounds fun! I'm sure you guys did have some people wondering why you were all dressed up. I feel like that a lot. LOL