Monday, April 20, 2009

RR Fest weekend chapter 2

Ok - saturday. We got up around 10 am and headed back downtown for the car show- we ALWAYS go to the car show. We walked and looked for 2 or 3 hours. At some point we ended up walking with emily and gary and Dave. We ran into Mathew and Brittney and chatted for a minute. We could smell the bbq from the vendors behind front street and we didn't' eat Breakfast so we all followed our noses back there. Lee had a rib sandwich - well it was literally a rib sandwich- with bones! LOL. I was like how are you supposed to eat that? I had bbq nachos. Anyway, we hung around for little while longer and it was time to leave for Danielle's ( my cousin ) graduation party. We had to run to walmart for her card and a few things then head for smithville. The party was fun. There was a little kids playground outside that us big people played We played volley ball for a long time. And some of the girls decided to make a mentos geyser with mentos and a coke. - I didn't know there was such a thing. We played a couple rounds of musical chairs ( Lee won round one ). Miranda made Danielle's cake. It was too cute and soooo Danielle. It was John Deer green and yellow. and there was a 4 wheeler on it cutting muddy tracks through it. After a few hours, Lee was ready to go. So we went to Emily and Gary's and watched the race and had a few beers. That was pretty much the day. A long fun day- but still there's chapter 3.

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Heather said...

OK, what's up with that sandwich? LOL Sounds like you guys had a fun (and busy!) Saturday. I love the pic of you and Lee in the tunnel! :)