Monday, April 13, 2009

Boring Post

Nothing much to speak of going on. I'm in the middle of my work week. Getting ready to slave over supper - pizza. It was very windy last night! I thought a tree was going to blow over on me. I told Lee today that if the big oak in front of the living room ever decides to blow over, it will cut the house in half. It'll take out the living, bath, Fireplace, bedroom, hallway, laundry....what a remodel! Sounds good to me! LOL! We went to town this morning because Lee had a dentist appointment and I needed to get a money order. There were a couple houses we saw that had HUGE trees on them. One house had quite a bit of damage. And they have done so much fixing up to that house too. Now one of the porches is destroyed.
Lee had to take some papers back to our tax lady today. This is the first year we got our taxes done early- like 2 months ago we were all done.....we are usually scrambling on april14th. Well we got a thing from the place lee worked in Kansas that said they were sorry, but they made a mistake on his w2 and they'd pay 50 bucks towards getting it redone or fixed or whatever. I was so mad. Next year I want to wait until april to do ours again so if anyone screws up, maybe they'll get to us in time.

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Heather said...

That stinks about your taxes. I haven't even filed our state taxes yet. I'll have to get on the ball!!