Thursday, March 26, 2009

MY list

I don't know what made me start thinking about ' my list ' today......maybe it was while I was at Walmart and I'd see things- little things that I need but I'd think " naaaaa, I'll get that some other time." There are certain things that we seem to ALWAYS tell ourselves we'll get LATER. Nothing fancy, nothing that we'll die without, but really could use. Little inexpensive things that would just make us feel better about ourselves or our home. Individually they don't cost alot, but when we think of ALL those little things piling up, it gets to be a big sum. So we just don't get ANY of it. So here's my list :

New dish towels and rags - they are just so ragged and stained.
A new shower curtain liner - it's so discolored from hair color yucky around the edges.
New door mats.- I have the same one I got for a wedding gift at my front door. Raggedy
Living Room clock.- Obvious why that would be nice to have.
A broom for outside.- I wouldn't have to get mine for the house all nasty.
Mascara.- I always use mine until there is NOTHING there but clumps.
Nice oil of olay night cream- I want to have ' glowing skin '
Blinds- Living room window and my bedroom. - Less sunlight, more privacy.
Closet organizer - Would be able to put together and outfit sooo much easier!
Bookshelf- better organize my magazines and meeting books.
NEw bookbag( meeting and service) - both of mine are scuffed up looking and old.
New dirty clothes organizer.- I've had the same one for 7 years - it's stained up and ugly.
Under-cabinet trashcan hardware - It's so inconvenient to go to the laundry rm to throw away!
Laundry room cabinet- hide away my detergent and bleach, iron etc.
Wire shelving to go under kitchen sink cabinet- it takes 5 minutes to find some Windex.
New pillows.- Ours are over due for a change.......lumpy.
CLothes line- money saver
Cleaning supply caddy- fully restocked with all the good cleaning stuff- need I explain?
New hair accessories - just want to feel CUTE!
New socks- the feel so good
NEw underwear - they feel so good.
New hairbrush - it's just time.
New pots for my plants- mine don't all match
NEw cookie sheet and pizza pan

So that is my running tab of things that would be nice, but can wait.....alone they don't cost much, but together are alot. It is very interesting to make a list of these things......everyone should try it. The next time I have some cash for myself, I can look at my little list here and knock something off of it.

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Heather said...

Maybe I need to make a list. I'm the same way...there's all these little inexpensive (well some aren't so inexpensive) in a mental list in my head that I always think it would be nice to have! And I usually don't think of them when I'm at the store. Maybe I should make a list as I think of these things and keep it in my purse. Good idea!