Thursday, March 26, 2009

Old lady

Now I'm officially a senior citizen. I have denture cleaner in my bathroom........and a denture cup.....hahaha. My new bottom teeth finally came in. My mouth feels full again. IT doesn't feel as weird as I thought it would. And I imagined having to use polygrip to glue them in place, but I don't. It's really like a retainer. Pop in, Pop out. I'm pleased with how they look too. He told me " these won't be like your grandma's teeth." The "gums" are made from nylon I think he said. They better last a while for 9 hundred something dollars. ( I didn't have to pay all that - thank goodness for insurance. ) I went to practice my talk with mom after I picked them up. I opened my mouth and she couldn't tell they weren't mine. She asked " are they on the top?" Really it's just 3 teeth. One on the left and 2 on the right. He told me most people talk funny for a week or so.....but he was surprised at how ' normal ' I was talking. I think I sound like a have a lisp. I may leave them home for my talk tonight. :o) OF course after I got them we had to go get something to chew and test them out. So I got some trail mix..... it's weird I subconsciously moved my food around to eat on my real teeth. I had to make myself chew where my gaps used to be.

Enough about the teeth......... on to the puppy. Lee went out to feed puppies this morning and he could here one crying.........and there was one not with the he finally found it way over almost at the neighbors house in the ditch. IT was totally traumatized and shivering. Half wet. IT really doesn't look like it's been ran over anywhere. It was obviously scared to death. It would not open it's eyes. He brought it in the house and made it a bed in a laundry basket. It would cry and cry until you held him or touched him. Eventually after he calmed down some and started moving around we put him back in the shed with the others. So it's a mystery what happened to him...... maybe the neighbor dog tried to take him back home with her......

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Heather said...

I bet that does feel weird to have the new teeth, but you will get used to them and will be happy with them, I'm sure! Poor little puppy...I hope he's OK and not still traumatized by whatever happened to him. Oh, and I hope your talk went well!